Ban in game beacuse of name, after playing with it for half a year

What thhe fuck is this situation, i got banned for some stupid reason

What even was your name? anyway.

Depends what your IGN was/is

Sorry but I don’t speak Polish, translating will probably help publicise this issue. If your name was truly not offensive this could be a genuine issue and a blatant false Ban.

Nie masz zezwolina na dostep do rozgrywki
powod: inne
komentarz moderatora

Translates into:

You are not allowed to access the game
cause another moderator comment

(Google translate stuffed up a bit)

I’d assume his forums name is the name which got him banned, I don’t really understand why that would incite a ban lol.

I thought the same, which was why I assumed it was something different

@I_am_Batman What was the name which got you banned? Or is it the one you already have, I’m pretty confused about what’s going on besides knowing the fact you got banned due to a inappropriate name.

Same as this in forum: JasioRozpierdol which translates to “John doing some destruction”

I mean its weird situation im quite new to game, ive been playing it since like may maybe june and everything was great.

And from nowhere im logging in to play my starfighter and boom permament ban

@hjnbnb @TPS_Hydra should i just change name ? it was really cool and unique nick and i was even using it to play Crossout, old gaijin game

I don’t see anything inappropriate about “John doing some destruction” so no, you shouldn’t of been banned anyways. I’d recommend contacting someone semi popular in the War Thunder community to publicise this issue.

Please do not mislead our community. It’s not doing some destruction. Your nickname is vulgar.
If you want to discuss your ban, please send a private message to Game Master.
You can find Game Masters here War Thunder — official forum

And please RE-READ our rules before you post anything else on our forum.
We do not allow to use swears here.