Ballistics Calculator for Self Propelled Howitzers

On the contrary, CAS would be the primary weapon against artillery for most of the game. Much like SPAAs, artillery would likely stay back closer to the allied spawn and work from afar, (and like with SPAAs, some may wander out to fight within line-of-sight, but not everyone) making CAS instrumental in the removal of artillery up until your team fights its way closer to the enemy spawn. (If ever.)

Pretty sure those that do have such rounds in real life already do in-game, like the M109.

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I hate taking months or years to learn to play a tank just to die in a few minutes from someone that pressed space at the right time and threw a 500kg tnt carrying barrel at my face.I am against CAS in any way shape or form but with the addition of arty mechanics (at least theoretically) its going to be impossible to hold a position for more than a few seconds.Not trying to sound annoying or be provocative towards you GeneralPatton9 but its my opinion and has been since i got bombed the first few times.

Just spawn in SPAA then

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Thats not tank rb then :)

Make a gamemode where theres only ground vehicles and no planes and also keep the mixed battles one.All will be happy.But lets not diverge too much

Oh wow is that a new gamemode? Never seen that before

No one likes to die. Why, I am sure players who use aircraft in Ground RB, having to avoid AA fire from players rather than intentionally inaccurate AI, and avoiding enemy fighters that actually have a brain behind them do not like it much either. After all, they too spent months or years learning how to play a plane, just to die to a well-placed shot from a little SPAA or another fighter.

Besides, stalemates happen. I, and I am sure you too, have been in some battles where a position is literally swarming with extremely good enemy players, sniping off anyone who dares show his face, but, thanks to air support, the stalemate was broken and our team was able to advance again.

How so? Said position would have to be known by the artillery operators, it would have to be mostly clear of obstacles, like trees, that could set off the shells’ sensitive fuses, and it would likely take several shots with extremely slow-firing artillery pieces to knock out just one light tank in the targeted area. All you have to do is move a bit, since hitting a moving target with this mechanic would be nothing short of luck.

Nah, it is not a problem. We have all been there, but for me, such annoyance, at most, lasts a few battles, so I am afraid I cannot relate. But then again, I am playing WT because I love learning about military vehicles, or even just seeing them, so being able to use them (digitally) in some capacity, even if it is a bit inaccurate, is extraordinarily enjoyable for me. (Even if it means dying to a bomb, since the end result is the same as dying from a shell, or from drowning my vehicle in a deep body of water.)

Perhaps it would be more balanced for the targeting icon to show up on the map after the player:

  1. Stops moving. (Heavy artillery pieces do not fire at distant targets whilst moving in real life, after all.)
  2. Elevates the gun barrel beyond a certain degree. (Let us say, 15°, since it is high enough to not commonly encounter when firing line-of-sight, but low enough to be able to be used at quite long ranges.)

That way, the targeting icon is not always visible on the map, and the icon is controlled by the player’s motions on the vehicle side, instead of just clicking a spot on the map to get it automatically targeted with little or no effort on the side of the player. The player would have to make adjustments by moving his gun barrel and rotating the turret, (if applicable) until the icon on the map is positioned over what he wants to fire upon.

This would also make long-range MLRS, like the many Russian rocket-equipped trucks in Tiers II and III and the Japanese Type 75 actually useable in their intended role, so this mechanic could help them as well as traditional artillery.


Maps are too small as you say

Well, then certain SPGs will prove to be more useful in certain maps whilst they are less useful in smaller maps. As for trajectories, Paladin variants like the M109G have worse ballistics due to a shorter barrel, which would work quite well here. And then we have things like the 38 cm Sturmmörser. And MLRS carriers. There is a vehicle for every map size and era.

Precisely, (no pun intended) which balances the mechanic and prevents it from becoming a point-and-click, instant-kill, unavoidable and unable-to-be-countered death-from-the-air mechanic. See my post here for more information.

There are situations where this mechanic would be extremely useful. Scenario: there is an Strv 103 in a very advantageous position clear across the map, sniping off anyone who dares show their face over the steep embankment that separates your spawn from the rest of the map. (Think El Alamein.) You do not have a vehicle with a rangefinder good enough to counter it at a “safe” distance from concealment, before the multiple muzzle flashes of your ranging shots would give away your position, nor do you have a plane that you can spawn in. But you do have a Paladin, and the Strv is scouted. You can now open fire, from safety, and after several shots in which you miss or damage a track, finally destroy the threat and your team can continue the game. Sure, it is not quite reliable, but sometimes that can be traded for another advantage, namely, safely firing at a dangerous target in a fragile vehicle from behind cover.

Drones and Observational aircraft per era of equipment would be welcomed. As long as it benefits, it would also teach people how to use the sight distance control setting. Something some of us use that others fail to gain a grasp over until we tell them.


I’m not sure if this is what you meant, but I think a good way to implement this would be similar to the “air alert”.
A teammate marks for artillery on the map (light tanks only? Maybe a modification? Only if radio operator is alive? I feel like there could be another layer of detail here) and all artillery vehicles get a radio message of the bearing and range of the mark. Then, instead of the auto-aiming as I am interpreting your suggestion, the player manually aims at that bearing and range. That way SPG gameplay isn’t just sitting AFK. Maybe add some sort of visual target in the sky to aim at, sort of like a radar lead indication, though that’s probably more difficult to implement. I think the “radar lead” idea might be best if it was done for scouted tanks rather than marks on the map as velocity would be taken into account and there’d be less spam.

I’ve thought about this exact thing before. Glad you posted this, but it would be a bit annoying to die from something sniping at you from a distance and you have nothing to do. Someone needs to find a way to do this but it’s a good idea +1

I had a similar idea in my mind for quite some time. Step 1., remove the ability to call in off map artilery, replace it with a request artillery marker that you put on the map, then your teammates would see the market and use a ballistic calculator like OP suggested.
If anybody plays Squad game and uses the mortar knows what i mean. The marker would show you the distance to target and direction, and you would have to look at the Mill chart and input it to the mortar and fire.


We could advocate for far bigger maps across most brs and also add strategic structures like in air RB and artillery could have the role of destroying them just like bombers destroy bases.Then the artillery pieces could also be used for more direct fire roles like in game.Now those strategic structures could be from HQs to a certain civilian area but he can find that out.

War Thunder — Registration Go to 7:04 and see how that plane bombs and destroys the structure ? We could have arty do that.But wed need bigger maps and a new gamemode.

In general this game has a lot of potential if the snail isnt greedy


Something similar to WoT would be cool. Not sure why self propelled artillery doesn’t act or have mechanics in the game for this already. C’mon Gaijin, do better.

As another idea, this mechanic could be unlocked per vehicle as a Tier IV modification called “Artillery Ballistics Calculator,” much like how an “improved” or laser rangefinder would be.

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I like it. +1