Bad boy war thunder

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I like it, I enjoy it)




To counter CAS i would love them to increase the rewards for shooting down enemy aircraft. They cost a lot of spawn points and should wield higher rewards. Especially if a single aircraft has the capability of disabling a lot of tanks without much counter ( unless SPAA is on the map ). Would maybe make it worthwile to spawn an SPAA first if no one on your team does.

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Yeah, provide a single screenshot, that should prove a lot of things…

I have a screenshot with a stock M48 in an uptier getting 14 kills. So is that tank in that state good?

And this part also applies to @_Sharrowkyn

Even if SPAA is effective (it is not except a select few, but even those will get outplayed by any somewhat competent CAS player), does it make you dying in a regular tank to CAS fair? NO
Does your insert here almost any non SPAA has the same chance against the plane than the plane against you? NO
The CAS player has to learn NOTHING in the game to use CAS, while a tank player need a lot of skill to be good. That is the issue, which can not be balanced.

Is this vent for Arcade battles or for all ground battle modes (AB/RB/SB)?

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SPAA just needs some upgrades but Gaijin refuses to do it, and instead makes CAS stronger every time, but you can have some low BR SPAA whilst you get killed from 20km away by a missile.



and finally




Then stop playing. It’s simple. If you do not like playing an entirely voluntary thing, then don’t.


The issue here is not about liking the game, I wrote it because I liked the game and couldn’t quit. and i already said “Everyone who reads this will say go away and don’t play then, it doesn’t matter”

If you can’t quit it, then take breaks, even if just for a few hours. I’ve found the best way to manage to take breaks is to preoccupy yourself with other stuff. I don’t mean other videogames, I mean real life stuff. Go get a bite to eat, get something to drink, sit outside for a bit, watch a movie, go for a walk, or find people to hang out with. It’s not a solution for quitting, but consistently spending a few hours away from the game can do wonders for your enjoyment. It definitely did for me.

I’ve gone through several cycles of not having fun in the game and the thing that fixed it for me was always taking breaks and doing IRL stuff. It didn’t make me ignore the numerous issues the game has, but it did restore my enjoyment in the game despite them.


It is absolutely not because you are disappointed by a dish that you have to throw the whole meal in the trash and leave the restaurant. Everything is debatable, everything ! We are customers, we pay, expensive, more and more. In fact, the arrival of new models of tanks, planes, etc. will stop one day. Then what will Gaijin add to make his game profitable?? Include planes from Nepal? Finally, take points away from aircraft manufacturers who throw themselves at their opponents out of revenge and frustration.

Its a money making machine not a game

Why planes have been used since the beginning ?

To have superiority.

An aircraft can move in 3 dimensions, with 3 axis, 3 rotation

A Tank can move in 2.5 dimensions, with 2 axis, 1 rotation, and the ground being the 0.5 axis (since you have altitude changes but you can’t decide the altitude)

And in my book, 3D is better than 2.5D

Outside of that, aircraft is a fast vehicule, that came through specialized roles to Multi-role/Omni-role through the years.

Tanks always have been specialized vehicules, with best aptitude/abilities in open spaces (desert/plains), and worst ones in Reduced spaces (towns/Forest)

Tanks would never been Omnirole vehicules and needs a suite of other specialized vehicules: APC/SPAAG/SPAAM/Transport vehicules(armored or not)/IFV’s

An aircraft however is much more versatile by design.

So you expect your Specialized vehicule to be as good as an Omni/MultiRole one → kinda overlooked if you asked me.


all softwares we call games are money making machines,…

Money comes first with gaijin, all they want is max player base.

You’re not forced in anyway to pay, but you’ll have to be dedicated players to be in the game.

When i started this game in 2103, i did play Free to play for about 8 years, before buying 1 year of premium for French TT.

And i had no problem buying all aircrafts, while currently playing 7/9 nations.

So,… money does come from your impatience (overall)

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Far from it, what happend last summer with repair costs is just 1 example.

Another thing new players get seal bashed so they have to get such things like crew skills fast

Okay, how can i shoot down a bomber from 4km away with a Shermn for example? Go ahead!

I mean it is clear why you advocate for CAS, after all, it looks like you can’t do much with tanks…

How interesting, that you got more kills with the Falcon than with other SPAA doing SPAA things.

Your win rate and K/D with those SPAAs are not good, so just taking out these 5 or so kill screenshots means nothing when your K/D is at best around 2.

Oh yeah, why even attepmt to fix something broken, just don’t play it.
Imagine you go to the doctor with some illness and he tells you to just stop being alive and your pain goes away…

No. I expect balance in a game. And you can’t balance CAS. How interesting, that there are no such things in the AIR mode…
Long range SAMs are a thing for decades, yet there are no long range SAMs at all. It would be fair then for tank players to have the ability to get into AIR matches with 100km range SAMs and just pop planes out of the sky when they cn’t do anything to you…
It would be the same unbalanced thing as CAS for tanks. Yet they don’t have it.