Baba decal

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The BABA Decal

Hello there. Today i am suggesting the “Baba” decal which were seen on a couple of Pakistani warplanes during the Cold War. FYI, Baba means Father in Urdu.

The decal was first used on a Martin B-57 Canberra (Serial#53-3846)


The decal was also seen on the the first Mirage-IIIEP which the PAF received in 1967. Sadly this particular jet crashed in 2007.

Acquiring It

Historically speaking both the B-57 Canberra and the Mirage-IIIEP of PAF were used heavily during wars with India. While the B-57 was restricted to bombing roles, the Mirage participated in both bombing runs and Dogfights scoring a few kills in the process too. Hence my opinion on how to obtain it would be based on that. The B-57 one will be obtained after a 300 or so ground kills (Player and AI controlled) while the Mirage-IIIE one will be unlocked after a 100 air-to-air kills (Player controlled only).

More Pics:





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