Avro Vulcan B.2 (with Falklands modifications): More than just a bomber

I play SB and can fairly easily always do full sorties. But mainly i mean that it has no gun, usually doesnt take AAMs (at least i dont) and what AAM it get is BR appropriate but not that good. And CMs are also optional.

You also have to be really careful of snapping the wings. I have literally sneezed before, jerked my mouse and snapped my wings.

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Thats the reality of taking very large payloads, g’forces tend to make their effective momentum from the mass very high and above what the airframe can take. For example a fully fueled max payload Vulcan B.2 has a max g of around 2. 1.5 is what you should do safely. Completely empty its 3g’s with 4 being absolute max but you will damage the airframe sustaining that or pulling more.

I think I also over-speed. With a max bomb load you can hit like 500+ kts quite easily. I think i need to keep myself much slower. More like 400

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In the Buck S.2 if your going sea level use 80% throttle or less if your without payload, 85% if your using max payload since at top speed if you use any more throttle you rip.

The Vulcan for example as far as I am aware had a max overspeed of around 400knots at sea level, but you would normally fly around 200-300knots. (I could be wrong however as I have not checked the figures recently).

^And this is sustained with very little throttle since the Bristol Olympus 301’s produce a hell of alot of thrust (In comparison to max).

Yep, Thats about what I’d do normally, but 80% throttle will easily get you up to about Mach 0.8 ish I think. So next time I take it out, I think im gunna go down to more like 60-70% throttle once im cruising. Really reduce my speed, at least till im on my attack run. Also means I can ditch a lot more fuel (In SB, speed doesnt necesarrily help as much as stealth does, so not loosing much)

But yeah, Vulcan is gunna ba an interesting aircraft

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I know this discussion on the S.2 is offtopic slightly but I have noticed top tier double hp bases now require 5,000lbs each. So the Buccanneer carrying it’s maximum 16,000lbs gets you 3x double hp/respawning bases with a 1,000lb bomb left over.

Similarly with the Avro Vulcans 21x1000lb bombload you can kill 4 respawning bases with 1 bomb leftover yourself so it’s just a small increase in number of bases bombed compared to the Bucc so it will fit nicely ingame.

Yeah, ARB is 5x Mk13s ASB is actually 6xMk13s now. So yeah 4 bases in ARB and 3 bases in ASB for the Vulcan (though does depend on the BR of Vulcan and what 1000s it actually has)

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The Vulcan carries Mk 13 bombs with either normal tail or retarded parachute tail modification on the weapons. Just like the rotating bomb bay rack for the Buccaneer S.2.

We seem to slowly but surely be getting the votes required so hopefully soon it will be passed.

Since we are past what the Tu-16 gained in votes, I hope this is a good sign. Again as explained in the proposal it could theoretically be added tomorrow and not negatively impact the game except give bomber mains a new aircraft thats iconic to research and fly. (Or buy if theres a premium XH558 like I suggested to help support the game).


Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.