AV-8b Plus should get aim-7m as place holder

As it stands the AV-8B Plus is lacking radar missiles although it could carry them. It’s can carry the AIM-120 that won’t be added for an update or two so it should receive the AIM-7m as a place holder until then.
I mean F-16D got it.


Give Harrier GR.7 AIM-7M too then.

doesn’t have a radar, bruh

I know.

so you can’t give it aim-7m’s

AV-8B+ cannot fire AIM-7Ms, and AIM-9Ms are superior for its BR anyway.

but it can fire AIM-7’s Harrier II Plus (AV-8B) VSTOL Fighter and Attack Aircraft - Airforce Technology (airforce-technology.com)

Then don’t give AV-8B AIM-7M. They are both Harrier ii

but AV-8B+ has a radar and used AIM-7’s GR.7 didn’t i don’t care if AV-8b+ goes to 12.0 it just need’s its radar missiles

US did, Italy as far as I am aware never had Aim-7s past about Aim-7F I think. I suspect the reason why Italy got one but the US didnt was specifically because of this. Could it get AMRAAM and move up when they come, yeah, I think so, but I dont think it should get placeholder Aim-7 “just because”. It is getting Aim-9M though and thats the big thing its testing first. Balancing them on the Harrier IIs is going to be hard enough as is, without throwing placeholder BVRs into the mix at the same time

Yeah, was explained in another thread, My bad Aim-7E not 7F

f-16c more maneuverable, faster, BVR
if this can be added, a sub sonic should be the least of their worries
and I know Italy didn’t use aim-7M on it, but they could, it would work and would be a great place holder and they can move it up it will just be moved up with AIM-120.

Do you really want a sub-sonic, with 4x Aim-9M and 2x Aim-7M (which I seriously doubt they’d ever give it such a ahistorical missile) at 12-12.3?

Sea Harrier FA2, and AV-8Bs with AMRAAM is one thing, where they can fire and defend at the same time, but Aim-7? SARH? It would get bullied into the ground. I just dont think its worth it. Especially as I think (and have every single finger, toe, etc crossed) that AMRAAM is coming Oct update. So its not really worth it either.

its going to get stomped anyways will be fighting things it can’t compete with 11.3+ will be black holed into 12.3 for a few months.

Maybe, but at least at 11.7 it has a chance of seeing downtiers in RB and vs other 11.7s its actually not half bad (VIFF right and you can even punish the odd Mig-29) but with BVR I cant see it below 12, not with 9M anyway. It would potentially be even worse

AIM-7M on AV-8B

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Interesting, surprised they gave it Ahistorical weapons as placeholder. Shall be interesting to see how they balance that/what BR it will be at. but good luck with it.


Wait, is that not real?

It looks real, or it’s great editing