ATGM got too much nerf, buff it

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ATGM vehicles are a waste of time, vehicles that solely rely on a weapon that requires them to stop the vehicle, launch a wobbly missile that likes to go everywhere but straight, have extremely low velocity, extremely long reloads and poor damage.

Why would anyone ever want to play it when you can just take a point and click cannon that doesn’t artificially force you to park your vehicle first and has a velocity over 1000m/s and actual damage?

i love murdering people behind the cover…

also you dont improve the conversation, silence.


I feel like you’re blowing this way off proportion

I’ve played the CM25, M113, T-55AM-1, ZLT-11, and WMA purely with atgms, and the fluttering isn’t an issue, if you pull the missle to hard of course its gonna have difficulty correcting itself

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that’s not the case, you misunderstood whole thing

They should only feed the helicopter’s ATGM excessive vodkas, and leave the ones on ground vehicles sober

I don’t think the curve is cuz of the new atgm system but are the atgm lining up with your gunner sight, the RakJpz used its actual periscope as control for the atgm and is taller than them so the msl curves up… You get the idea.
Also I don’t think the flagging system like bunch of caps so maybe don’t do that.


i think it got removed cuz he said some not so nice words i guess