At This Point It's Gotta Be A Joke

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If the average US player wasn’t a lab monkey smashing his head against the keyboard then yes they I do think they’d be capable of fighting it. Challenging? Sure. Impossible? No.


Average US player that’s gotta fight all these tanks and even counter their CAS with their plastic tanks and their shit SPAAs, it’s not just challenging buddy its impossible.

Read, you failed to read. Good damn, i swear the attention span of reading for WT is in the negatives.

I won’t lie to you, as far as America is concerned, you have a dream time lineup.

You’re literally playing with one guy, ONE that has a paid for premium. The rest will not be 1DL’ers because they have a full lineup.

I went into this post waiting to jump on the “America gets shafted band wagon” because you guessed it, I’m a U.S. main.

However, this team you just snapped a photo of is literally the EXACT team I want from all my US teammates. A team NOT chock full of clickbait’s and Aims. I don’t see how you’re not happy with this.


So the common viewpoint is “American tanks are good for sniping and flanking” AKA they can’t brawl. So while I actually like the team he listed above in opposition to the premium 1DL’ers I’m used to. How exactly would an ALL US team follow the forums advice repeated ad-naseum and also complete the objectives and take caps? We gonna snipe our way to a capture? Or flank around the outside to a capture?

The Abrams doesn’t always need to snipe or flank. Is that the main way of surviving in an MBT apparently made out of wet paper weighing 70 tons? Yes.

Your question is entirely dependent on whatever map you’re playing on and whatever team comp you have. There is no one good answer for every match in WT, especially at top tier.

Judging by the blurry map background I presume he’s on Carpathians, which offers a fairly decent amount of sniping and flanking routes. Pick a route, wait for the enemy to make mistakes, rinse them with your M829A2, repeat. Easier said than done, but nothing is easy when everything typically dies in one hit.

Meh. US tanks are capable and as soon as they get into their OP CAS planes it’s over anyway