ARB Hardcore mode?

I wish that Gijin had removed the missile indicator in the air realistic mode. What’s the point of having AIM-9M with less smoke but still seeing the red marker coming at you??? I do play SIM but sometimes I just can’t be bothered setting up my SIM rig all the time, if you know what I mean. So I think Air Realistic (HARDCORE) could be the option, where they remove nametags, hit makers, and missile indicators, which makes players focus more on their surroundings. That’s my thoughts.

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The Community has been asking for a RB EC gamemode for a long time. Sim, but third-person + RB controls. But to have no markers like SB. Including for missiles/teammates.


I think if there’s an RBEC, it should be cockpit only. No 3rd person Wonder Woman view.

a little too much don’t ya think?

Gosh that would turn into a team killing fest real quick, especially with how diluted nations are now, German MiG-29s, Chinese F-16s…

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just a reminder: the icon has nothing to do with smokeless engines. the icon is entirely there to tell you the missile is still burning, and as soon as it runs out of fuel the icon goes away.

There is a cockpit-only view, and its RBEC and it called SB (Simulation battle). lol

That’s why we have IFF for top tier.

The red marker shouldn’t be there at all. Need more realistic.

turn off your hud then, i think most people would rather not die to invisible missiles.

then play sim. if it was removed in arcade/realistic you’d just complain about not being able to see the missile at all. especially if you’re in a jet that doesn’t have a MAWS that can detect it, or a jet that doesn’t have a MAWS at all.