Any love for lower tiers this update?

I wasn’t sure where to put this topic but this seemed to me to be the best spot.

Is there any chance for some love down here in the basement of the game ? There are still a lot of low to mid tier aircraft as well as low tier mechanics that could be added, eg the Boulton Paul Defiant, the F-7U Cutlass, “Molotov’s Breadbaskets”, GCI control and transport aircraft, at least as targets .

Oh how I would love to shoot up a squadron of Ju-52s or Me-323s !

I won’t even ask about higher tier heavy bombers and interceptors as I think that it is a heavily overwritten topic, but I am convinced that pretty much any aircraft could be introduced given the right game mode, looking at you anti-sub warfare aircraft…

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I’ve got a suggestion pending on one of these (along with the Westland Lysander, RNZAF A-4K and the Heinkel 280), but because it is British it hasn’t appeared on the forums yet, I agree with this but sadly gaijin neglects a lot of the lower BRs

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The Loire is coming, the BF2c came last update, and the RO.44 not so long before that. it does get love. The Ju-52 is fully modelled and already in the files, and has been for a long time, but it has never come to the game probably because of its lack of really any armament. I would love to see the Fairey Albacore, but you just need some patience