Any idea what dev is “preparing” for italy?

They did say that they are working some new stuff for italy top tier but i have 0 clue. If it was hungarian griffen it wouldn’t be new stuff. Any idea?

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There is a good chance of the Leonardo da Vinci battleship, as it has been found in files. There is also speculation to believe that the B2 Centauro will also appear, which would fit the bill a little more for the “top tier” note.

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İf they also get Gripen C before Sweden, im gonna loose my mind.


Right here.
I mean, fixing the WAR kit would make arietes already a lot more capable and able to compete with actual top tier tanks. Leopard 2A7 - welcomed, but domestic ones first.


Source: @Il_Signor_Regio
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Yeah, I hadn’t realized the dev server updated lol

it’s fine, I’m glad It was useful

It won’t happen, Smin said to keep our expectations very low

centauro 2, hun tiger, da vinci BB leaked and that’s what you should expect, anything less is disappointing, anything more is exciting.

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Do you have any info about upcoming fix for WAR armor? On the dev-server all Ariete get weight parameters fixed, but joke-like protection is still the same.
For example, with War Ariete weights 59.5 t (5.5 t of additional armor intended to protect against kinetic shells, adds about 10-15 mm):


Ah, it’s going to be GE again, I would buy it for GJN if it was a pack premium, for GE I think I’ll skip it.

I am not very sure - maybe @Nicholas_Concu is the one you could ask for. @LoliA129_Offical Is also an expert on this topic.

It seems like Gaijin is not repeating rank 7 air packs but introducing them seperately, since ships usually costs a ton of money even for minor tweaks(and its almost two completely different boats compared to the pre-armistice conte), I think they are just trying to even out the spending. Also it helps to put some ships as GE, like this one.
I wouldn’t say its great or even average, you will have better luck with the Pola.

Yeah, I have Pola and most of ships have already been researched (only Cavour is in process), though I would buy the pack especially if it had some Leonardo related stuff (title, decorations and etc) and just to support the tree.

I see. Unfortunatly, no, it is not a pack. And I guess the tree is going to stay there for at least half a year.
Italy, alongside with the Soviets, the Germans and the Japanese is likely to see a decent gap ahead. Between now and the age of the 15 inch era, France has the Provence and the Dunkerque, Britain has more battleships than countable and the US has Tennessee. But the other 4 is likely have to wait out the transformation.

some copium here, maybe the Leo 2A7HU (aka what lead to the 2A8 which Italy is also buying)

Oh hearing you are caring about the protection of Ariete MBT,I’ve made a issue about it just now,would you like to check this up and support it? // Issues

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at this point nothing would suprise me anymore

I suddenly found a picture like this in the information I checked before, proving that the inside of the ARIETE mantlet is solid and not air.

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italy can get atleast 2 things that are alrady in game that are needed being the Hungarian 2A7 and Grippen C, but these are just things that are being added, not to mention the mig-29 su-22 and so on