Anti air day

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I’m sick and tired of the thread spam that people put out about this non-issue that it’s actually getting beyond it.


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At some point there will be more “mimimi CAS OP threads” than porn on the internet


I could go around and post in the 20 or so similar threads on the daily, but alas… I’ll just go for the odd one or 2…

But it really is just getting to the point where it is spam… No-one is making contributions to existing threads, everyone is throwing out fresh ones, even when the forums are hinting at them to contribute.

I suggest you get over the fact of me posting, because it shows you have more a problem with me, than the fact of what I actually posted.


Meme it up moan-boy.

(Stop flagging things you cannot handle people… I don’t care for Vamilads constant ‘issues’ with ‘everything’ and ignorance to actually take on board ANYTHING IN THE SLIGHTEST…)

What is it you’re doing in this thread right now?

And you don’t do it on the daily all over the forums?

Jesus, the leopard eating face moment…

(Stop flagging things you cannot handle people.)

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I’ve already said it but I will state it again.

Just because you do not like these threads because you are a CAS advocate does not make them spam and it does not mean that they should be censored, silenced and shut down to please you.

And I will continue to highlight you acting like this in every one of these threads that you do it in until you no longer do so. So probably never. You want me to stop pointing it out? Maybe you should stop calling for anything you dislike to be stricken and censored.

You were the one accusing me not the other way around.

If you wanna whine about non issues like people making anti-cas threads then at least you could have the self reflection to recognize your own behavior for what it is.

1 post, was all it took for you both to come in here trying to go for me, which I find hilarious…

It IS spam by this point, as there’s so many goddamn threads about it, it’s almost like you making individual threads wanting to have everything you can’t handle removed…

(False flaggers should be removed from the community, and the fact that this feature is STILL even on the forums, is absolutely dumb because it’s TOTALLY being abused, left and right, by those who want to oppress, and dismiss, rather than engage…)

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Oh I didn’t label your behavior initially I just responded to your original comment.

You are incapable of discussing the topic at hand and would rather make the discussion entirely around how you view other users on the forum and their posting rather than discussing the post you’re commenting in.

I don’t know if this is because you have nothing to say or what but it’s for sure off topic.

Well I think your posts in all these threads are spam because you just say and do the same thing every thread.
Can we get you removed as spam?

Well, the feature is in the game, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to go anywhere so this ‘suggestion’ is the same to be real…

I’d prefer that all these ‘cas whinge’; threads were all closed and definitively shut down because otherwise we’ll have the same old group, whinging for another 5 years over the fact that they can’t handle it…

(False flaggers should be removed, and the feature even removed…)

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Seems like they can handle it just fine.

This is more a call to action for more players to spawn as SPAA to make CAS players suffer a little bit more than usual.

You memed it up, which is about as much as making a statement as you can get because we all know you change the angle on the regular as soon as you’re picked on directly…

Should just not have posted the meme to be a funny guy huh?

(False flaggers should suck it up…)


Absolute HOGWASH…

Yea, we don’t need to have that, people can choose to spawn SPAA on thier own… It’s not hard…

But seeing people with lineups that are 8 deep without a single SPAA, shows the actual problem…

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They seem to not really be encouraged to do so probably something with general gameplay / map design / performance of SPAA / lack of access to top tier SPAA.

I think it’s more of a skill issue though, don’t you agree?