Answering your concerns regarding spall liners, MBTs and Aircraft

Ok I will qualify my statement better.

Gaijin doesn’t play national favouritism but for some reason Britain must suffer at every single BR. No exceptions.

Leclerc 60 degree pen is like 1% weaker than 3BM60 (which also loses more pen over distance) so I’ll let it slide

The moment Gaijin stated in a prior announcement that they’d speak about the Abrams LFP in a separate devblog, I knew that it was never going to be fixed and it was just gonna be their “justification” on why they don’t believe it is possible.

Same Exact Protection since the 80s


That devblog is gonna have a disgusting comments section. I hope Gaijin understands that. They pissed off a whole lot of people by having the gall to have a whole devblog dedicated to why we are wrong


At the same time probably off-topic but still somewhat relatable to the discussion at hand. Currently at top tier it wouldn’t really matter in my opinion if the Abrams has or not 400mm LFP or 650mm LFP. Top tier except sim is all about breach/barrel then shooting the turret ring/drivers port depending on what exactly you’re shooting at.

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I don’t find it that hard to believe to be honest. One of the issues that the British ran into was that two-piece ammo limits your rod length. Russian autoloaders also use two-piece ammo and the autoloader itself is largely unchanged in dimensions it seems since the 70s much like the British breech on the L30. It’s actually funnily enough one of the big things about the Armata having a new autoloader, is that it can better accommodate newer longer rounds.

It would matter due to the fact people would actually need to aim for weak spots instead of center mass

Can we talk about how a tank from 2022/23 has to use a Round that was decomissioned in 2006?
no? ok.
sincorrectly modelled armor, even compaired to the swedish docs? no? ok.
6 sec reload on a gold crew that falls off after loosing crew no? ok.

why cant we get more modern rounds? because russia already has their best they could get? lame reason.

pls gaijin… it doesnt have to be the round (DM73) that was made for the 2A7V, but at least the round that was made for the 2A6…


I am aware of said dynamics, considering that is both a short rod ~620mm and it is made out of tungsten. The rod dimension + material does seems consistent with other 125mm rounds of chinese make in-game. As for 120mm equivalency, bm60 is roughly the same length as M829 but has 100mm more pen probably from other factors stemming from more modern design.



im taking physics for 300

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If you’re shooting the LFP you’re basically giving the Abrams/Leo driver a free kill. You’ll take out his driver and maybe loader and he will take his time hitting your weakspot and/or just breach/barrel you.

Because you’ll fight a T90M in your Leo2A4 then if all western tanks get lolpen rounds. WT is structured on having more or less the same capabilities at any given BR (wishful thinking I know). If 829A3/4 and DM63/73 get implemented it would mean that all leos/abrams should get pushed out of the BR range of russian tanks. Essentially making top tier a point and click NATO civil war 24/7

According to your “statement,” the Leopard 2A7V is equipped with Btech+D2 armor, not the Swedish version. Could you please explain why the upgraded A7V from the A6, which had Ctech armor, is now equipped with Btech?


How is that justification to gimp vehicles, and lower their stats, give the Russian vehicles the ariete treatment at that point and remove it from top tier, as if they would suffer with the 90m and bvm pantsir, su27 etc

Abrams frontal armor, there is DU armor // // Issues

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the only tanks i think that should have better rounds are tanks with little armor like it used to be but gaijin seems to think otherwise when they gave one of the most survivable tanks the best round in the game doesn’t mean well protected tanks shouldn’t have good rounds but there needs to be trade offs idk what happened to the idea of glass cannons like old ariete

They gave the russians everything current models could get. They’ve gimped NATO tanks so they could play together in the same BR range because surprise surprise, it’s a game

My brother in everything that holy… wat?!
2A4 fighting 90Ms and lolpen? are we playing the same game here?

the 2A4 doesnt even get DM33 (a round that was around that the same time the 2A4 was the baseline tank of germany) it has to use DM23 against T-80Us 90A’s and 72B3s (2 of which ave access to 3BM60) and one having 3BM46. Those Tanks also have armour protection.
the 2A4 cant even get DM63 programmed into its FCS without having it modified…

so if anything those 3 are running around LOLPENNING … not the 2A4 mate.

DM53 gets EATEN by K5… A round that was DESIGNED to counter that. im not even taking Relict (altho the bag sidearmour is overperforming and EVERYONE knows it)


M829A3 was made specifically to counter ERA. That was the entire point.


gaijin when confronted with reality:


It really depends on the sources they put forward and if they are open to a discussion about their sources it could be good.

But that would require willingness from the devs/CMs and self control from the playerbase.