AMX-50 and Char 25t

True, char25t should be in 11.7 as it kills t-90

There are plenty of 9.0 vehicles in tech trees, none any more fair. Sure, most TT vehicles at 9.0 are lightly armored on the sides. They are also fast, stabilized, and posses APFSDS, LRF, and some have thermals. I don’t see how “just flank bro” applies here. Especially when half of these are light tanks/fast MBTs that often flank themselves.

Yea, they are better because they are 9.0. The Batchat/AMX-50 CAN face them, but doesn’t exclusively face them. You can take any vehicles at any BR and compare it to the +1 vehicles and they will almost all get dumped on, and that doesn’t make it a bad vehicle. Those two were obviously good enough to warrant being uptiered, and now they face more difficult vehicles. They did well at 7.7 and they will do well (not quite as well) at 8.0.

8.7 vehicles where already cancer enough to fight against, pretty much guaranteed loss.
Its definitely more fair for Tiger IIs so fight them sometimes than for them to fight 9.0 MBTs sometimes

how much did gaijin pay you to say this?

I see what the problem is now, you’re just an imbecile. Well, as thrilling as this attempt to discuss things was with you, I’m out. Can’t discuss things with someone so dumb as to think Gaijin pays people to say things in the forums…

its called a joke buddy

ok so you prove that your argument is dumb

Pretending a margin that small should completely disqualify the batchat from deserving its other advantages over a 5.7 SPG is an unprecedented standard that is not applied to any other tank in the entire game. Either you’re deliberately avoiding the spirit of the argument or you are accidentally avoiding it. The M36B2 also gets HEATFS at 5.7 and the batchat doesn’t at 8.0.

All I did was say that the Char 25t’s M82 is noticeably more powerful than the M36B2’s, when you had stated it was the same round.

That’s all I did. I did not argue anything else or state that this would “disqualify the batchat from deserving its other advantages over a 5.7 SPG”.

Sorry if I misunderstood, but I don’t usually expect a comment to exist purely to fact check, especially if I regard the difference as academic in the spirit of the original argument. To me and my experience with France at 7.7, the difference changes little in the majority of engagements a good player would take with these vehicles. Whether you can facepunch a T2(H) or not, at 7.7 you still needed to be ready for soviet heavies and Maus’s, so naturally the engagement method of choice is flanking. You might be right about the specific advantage the higher velocity affords, but comparing the M36B2 was hyperbole for the sake of underlying the point to begin with, so the comment was puzzling.

Not at all. Anyone with any knowledge about armored warfare knows that some tanks are made for infantry support, engineering, anti-fortification, ambushes, scouting, and some for tank on tank combat. When I say frontal engagements, I mean tanks facing off frontally with each other. For example, the M-24 wasn’t designed to trade blows with a medium or heavy tank.

ok so the m24 should be higher br for you ?

You don’t know how to do anything but ask worthless questions, do you? How about actually saying or asking something that would continue discussion?

I just understand how you think batchat in 8.0 is acceptable because it’s a flank tank , because in your logic 90 percent of light tanks should be at 1 br higher.
what I am trying to say is that if the batchat the m22 or the m24 are playble in higher br, it doesn’t mean they should have their br increased for this reason

My logic is that you shouldn’t try to face 9.0 vehicles in head on engagements with the Batchat or AMX-50 because they aren’t suited for it. The OP was complaining about not being able to pen an Object 279 with them in an uptier, and that is why I said that flanking maneuvers are more successfuI. I think the Batchat and AMX-50 are a decent fit at 8.0 because you can still use their strengths to be successful. This discussion is about the Batchat and AMX-50 being 8.0 vehicles, where you got the idea that I said they should be there because they can be used at higher BRs than 8.0 is beyond me. I never once said that vehicles that can be used above their BR should be uptiered.

No. I said it was unfair to fight 9.0s, then you said

So I responded with unkillable Object.

M24 can pen Leopard 2 in side, pls move it to 11.3

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I am a fairly average player, but never in all my time playing on various nations in that range of combat ratings have French tanks caused me any problems. Solid shots tend to ricochet at the slightest angle and cause little damage, and the tanks themselves have almost no armor, except for the Somua.

The only problems I had were the players on the French tanks themselves, who definitely know good positions on the maps, the timings of the opponents and their vulnerable areas. Without them, almost any french tank is a punching bag.

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