AMX-50 and Char 25t

Why the fuck does Gaijin think it’s ok for these vehicles to be 8.0? These vehicles, with NO stabilizer, LRF, HEAT/APDS, facing things with all these, is complete stupidity. The only advantage these things have it an autoloader, which means nothing when it can’t pen anything anyway.

Char 25t can face XM-803 or Object 279…


What if I told you that not all tanks are supposed to fight other tanks in direct head on engagements?

Hey look at that, you can kill a T-90 with one shot from the side, even managed to put one through the ERA for a one shot too. Magical what not shooting the front of another tank can do. Use the mobility to gain advantageous positioning and then take advantage of the amazing reload to make the most of ambush tactics.

Also, it isn’t always about what the tank sees in an uptier, it can also be what the tank used to see in a downtier. Around 200mm of flat pen at 500m facing Tiger 2s, Pershings, IS-2s, T-44s, ect with a 4 second reload is pretty harsh for those 6.7s that it used to face.

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Counterpoint, Object 906, same tier, but with a stabilizer, a better APHE round and a HEAT shell for times when flanking doesn’t work.

In exchange, the Batchat and 50/90 gets 1 more degree of gun depression, and resistance to .50 cals. And the Batchat is smaller. That’s about it.

It’s all well and good to tell these vehicles to flank into position where it can get the gun to work, but considering how many maps are having flanking routes removed, and the fact that in uptiers you’re very likely to find a stabilized enemy on said flanking route, it’s not nearly that simple.

We need more decompression at this tier. I’ll happily agree the Batchat was better than most other 7.7s, but pushing it up into the absurdly compressed 8.0-10.0 BR bracket replaces one problem with another.


Fair comparison. The Object 906 seems like quite the effective vehicle.

Yes, I am quite aware that flanking is becoming more and more difficult. I wasn’t quite fast enough with it, but I mentioned the 6.7s that the AMX-50(TO90/930) and Batchat could face in downtiers. I am glad for the vehicles of 6.7 that it went up because it could eat them alive. This is one of the move it up for the sake of downtiered vehicles in my eyes.

It does. I would like to see things spread out a tad more because 8.0+ does get super crazy pretty quickly across the board. It just pains me when I see players complain about something not being able to pen full uptiered vehicles frontally when these vehicles were never designed to do so, hence the side shot picture against a T-90.

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Just because you can kill something from the flank, doesn’t mean you’ll always be able to. I could kill a type 10 from the front with a Chi-nu 2, but that doesn’t mean it should be at 11.0 .

6.7s having to face AMX-50s is harsh, but so is AMX-50s having to face t-55AMs and type-69s.

As mentioned by others, BR compression hurts around that area.

Also, France has a hard enough time lol.


I think you are overstating their capabilities. If a Tiger II or T26E5 saw you, you were almost 100% dead. 8.0 is still way to high because there is no was the Char25t is equal to the Leo 1 or amx-30.


At 7.7 these tanks might be able to kill most 6.7’s in one hit, but most 6.7’s can also kill them in one hit in return, which is much more than can be said of many 7.7 heavy tanks or some of the T54/T55 models that used to be at 7.7.

The M36B2 has pretty much the same effective armor and the same M82 round as a batchat, wouldn’t it only be natural that an otherwise similar tank have better reload and mobility at a full 2.0 BR higher if it didn’t get any improvement in survivability? What is a 7.7 tank allowed to have over 6.7’s if not? It sounds a lot more like sour grapes over being in a downtier against a good light tank than a balancing issue.


Counter point here, the other French 7.7s are just as good if not better against 6.7s compared with the Batchat. You either get the same reload on a 100mm gun which is able to deal with more targets frontally, the same reload on 90mm HEAT which can lolpen through any 6.7, or a near lolpen 120mm with a longer reload. And angled Pershing, or a T-44 using turret waggling, can defeat the Batchat’s gun frontally, but stands little to no chance against the other guns.

As a reminder, Gaijin said when they justified this BR move that France 7.7. has the highest rate of nukes in the game, and I can believe that, but at the same time it says a lot that even moving one of them up by 0.3 BR results in this much trouble. 8.0+ is horribly compressed, that’s the part that needs to change.

Flanking, even on maps designed for it, is not (Nor should it be) an uncontested run into a position where you can freely target enemies side armor. There’s always a chance you run into a enemy flanker on the same path. Hell, sometimes I intentionally bring a heavier tank to a flank to try and catch out lightly armored flankers who struggle with me frontally. Then there’s the risk that you pop one target, his buddies notice and turn towards you, and you’re stuck.

Yes, there will be times where you come up against a team of the blind and deaf, sneak around the lemming train, and pick off half the team for free. But there’s also the chance you barrel straight into any 8.0+ BR flanker, most of whom are stabilized, who will just wipe you out and move on with their flank. And I’d wager that second chance is the more likely of the two.


M82 on the Batchat has almost 80 m/s higher muzzle velocity giving it enough penetration to go through stuff like Tiger II (H) turret front without aiming for the gunner sight.

Server statistics.

AMX-50 versus Tiger II more fair than AMX-50 versus Object 279


when I bring my M22 to 8.3 I always make 1 kill at least , sometimes 2 , sometimes 3 or even more sometimes
so the m22 should be 8.3 ?
Tell me

You want to come up with an actual argument? Almost any vehicle can kill almost any other vehicle from the side. The only point you’re actually making is that side armor is weaker than frontal armor. Your attempt at a “gotcha” moment is just childish and annoying to have to read.

The Batchat and AMX-50 were overperforming for 7.7 and they moved it up. They aren’t the best 8.0 vehicle, and I would argue that they aren’t the worst either. And for the 1000th time, not all tanks are designed for frontal engagements. Ambush tactics and flanking maneuvers are important tactical maneuvers in armored warfare. Hence why your M-22 can get kills against higher BR vehicles.


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patiently waiting for your chat ban…

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Im sure they will be fair tho… VERY sure, they will definitely for Sure, be fair… Assuredly.


Are you going to try to make a point here or what? I’m going to assume you’d like to point out that side armor is weaker than frontal armor and that I said not all tanks are designed for frontal engagements even though frontal armor is the strongest armor on the vehicle, is that correct? I’m assuming this because you don’t seem to like to use words to explain what you are thinking.

But no, spare the poor suffering king tigers!

You want to make an argument with an actual tech tree vehicle or just the extremely uncommon event vehicle that you keep mentioning? It’s like your here to complain that the Object 279 is overpowered and should be raised in BR instead of discussing the AMX-50 and Batchat.

Not quite as one-sided, but do remember that the premium T-55 AM is at 8.3 (8.7?). You also have to worry about the Type 69s from the Chinese, the Type 74s from Japan, and all of the other Stabilized MBTs at 8.3+.

None of those have good side armor, but they’re still better in just about every other way. I don’t see why the AMX-50 or batchat should go up without any of the previously mentioned vehicles going up.

It’s a BR compression issue. King tiger shouldn’t go lower, AMX-50 and Char-25 shouldn’t go higher. Thus, they’re stuck fighting eachother. Same can be said for many vehicles at 7.7 and 8.7

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It is all about those performance numbers, that is why they went up. I know there is a massive compression issue, but Gaijin is taking their sweet time handling it.