AIM9M Smokeless Engine - Red Missile Marker

One of the key improvments of the AIM9M is the smokeless engine for reduced visibility. Now this feature got implemented in the latest Dev Servee, but it doesn’t help anything when there is still the classic big red diamond marker, announcing the missile as per usual. I wouldn’t mind removing the marker as a whole for smokeless engines, but at least reducing the visibility somehow would be a step. Personally i would propose making the red diamond a lot more transparent and gray. It would be there, but not that easy to spot.


IMO gameplay >>>>> 100% realism. If you want no diamond, play sim.

It would not be fun to fly around in Air RB (supposed to be realistic flight models etc. in an arcade-ish simulator), look at enemies, see nothing, and then just die from 2km missile with a trail that is basically impossible to see.




Yes, play sim if you also want to be forced in first person view. No thanks, i like RB.

I am also talking about the possibility of making the marker less visible. That wouöd be a fair middle ground.


I would rather this not be a thing in RB, and restricted to just sim. Atleast until more plane gets MAWS.


something for people to understand about the missile icon: it doesn’t have anything to do with smokeless engines. it’s entirely to tell you the missile is still burning. as soon as the missile runs out of fuel, the icon goes away. if you don’t want the icon then as others have said, play sim. or you can just turn off the hud.


might be for balance.

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Even a smokey missile would be hard(ish) to see in battle, especially at longer ranges. RB is not meant for realism, its meant for easy gameplay. So not surprised 9Ms have markers.

An RB EC gamemode without markers would be a great addition, but there is a reason why I play SB


Yes, we all the the diamond marker just shows up while burning. One should know that in top tier.
But one could argue, that the active burning phase (visually reinforced with the red marker) leaves a very easily spotable smoke trail. If there is no smoke (or less), then the marker should also be less visible. That’s what i am advocating for.


Then I think it should be called AARB (Air Acrade Realistic Battle), not ARB (Air Realistic Battle).

if it was removed in arcade/realistic you’d just complain about not being able to see the missile at all. especially if you’re in a jet that doesn’t have a MAWS that can detect it, or a jet that doesn’t have a MAWS at all.


Don’t you think aim9m is overpowered enough?

It’s apparently impossible to flare pulls and flys like an aim9l

Still worse than what I have seen from r73 so far but now imagine one of the best missile’s in the game by far and now you want it close to invisible
And Thanks to compression mig23 and f4j will see (or won’t with your suggested Change) those missiles

And yea air RB is closer to Arcade than sim
Marker for enemy’s and ground Targets which I actually consider qol


Its a crazy good missile already. It doesnt need a buff. If you dont want markers then play simulator or something. Gameplay is more important than realism


Well this is realism game (not seem like it anymore i guess)if someone can’t enjoy realism is their problem also there arcade battle if people want it

This game isnt a simulation of real life. If you want that play DCS…


so, what RB stand for “Realistic Battle” not “Random BS battle.” and what wrong with that if there are realistic feature on realistic battle? like i said there are always arcade battle for people who don’t want realistic feature and i already play DCS

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The red diamond is tied to engine burn, not smoke.
If you want no red diamond simulator is what you want to play.


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I swear I made my previous comment without seeing this before LMAO

The same way you people say “go play DCS”, I could come in and tell you to “go play Ace Combat”.

War Thunder’s REALISTIC mode is suppossed to be a MIDDLE GROUND between Ace Combat and DCS. But some people seem to believe that it should be Ace Combat/Arcade Battles 2.0 every time a little bit of realism is asked for it.

So… the same way you say “go play DCS/Simulator Battles”, I tell you: go play Ace Combat/Arcade battles. Doesn’t make any sense, does it? Well, that’s how you look every time you bring DCS/Sim.

For the record, I don’t think the missile diamonds should be removed. I just think smokeless missiles should get more discrete missile diamonds, so that, you know, the whole “smokeless” feature isn’t entirely pointless.


Damn right!! Realistic battle suppose to be realistic much as possible but still not that level of sim battle that how it should work for air and ground RB funny people keep trying to make RB less realistic day by day now RB is just like arcade 2.0 already
For me I don’t care much about marker remove whatsoever but just realistic feature and abilities should remain