Aim9m is a disaster for this game

Imagine a situation like this : a 16v16 match , 10 F16C on each side carry 6 TY90 , 60 TY90 in total ,
and you must launch more than 30 flares , in order to deal with 1 TY90…


Aim9m is basically something similar to TY90

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That’s true but AIM-9M on dev server had Stinger’s seeker so it was most likely a placeholder. It will be nerfed on live

That is so wrong in so many aspects…
The seeker is nothing like the stinger

Wdym nothing like the Stinger? Some of AIM-9M stats were literally straight from the Stinger

“guidance”: {
“warmUpTime”: 4.0,
“workTime”: 60.0,
“uncageBeforeLaunch”: true,
“breakLockMaxTime”: 3.0,
“irSeeker”: {
“rangeBand0”: 11000.0,
“rangeBand1”: 6000.0,
“rangeBand2”: 11000.0,
“rangeBand3”: 0.0,
“rangeBand6”: 1000.0,
“rangeBand7”: 6000.0,
“rangeMax”: 11000.0,
“fov”: 3.0,
“arretAngles”: [
“gateWidth”: 1.25,
“bandMaskToReject”: 4,
“minAngleToSun”: 5.0,
“lockAngleMax”: 15.0,
“angleMax”: 40.0,
“rateMax”: 12.0,
“prolongationTimeMax”: 3.0

“irSeeker”: {
“rangeBand0”: 11000.0,
“rangeBand1”: 3000.0,
“rangeBand2”: 11000.0,
“rangeBand3”: 11000.0,
“rangeBand7”: 6000.0,
“rangeMax”: 11000.0,
“fov”: 3.6,
“minAngleToSun”: 10.0,
“lockAngleMax”: 40.0,
“angleMax”: 45.0,
“rateMax”: 22.0,
“prolongationTimeMax”: 3.0,
“designationSourceTypeMask”: 18,
“constantDesignationSourceTypeMask”: 2,
“bandMaskToReject”: 4

Apart from the essentially standard band 0 and 2 values, they are different and operate much different


Oh but this wasn’t an issue with the R73 or the R27ET? Don’t make this an issue about the Aim9M now that the US tree has something to help with Russians bs.


“bandMaskToReject”: 4 isn’t this value the most important when it comes to flare rejection? Maybe they have less in common than I thought but seeker at least works very similar

Nope that just ignores the sun and rockets

I stand corrected then

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2 biggiest military superpowers and economically most lucrative sides get most attention by devs that need to be paid, imagine my shock!!!

You think they don’t make enough money to pay their devs? lol

On the bright side at least 9M is not only favor Us because three other nation also get them

Still needs some nerfs imo

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Just the seeker

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I’d say that the seeker should become more susceptible to flares but it should get its historical 35G maneuvering

As it is rn they AIM-9M is gonna be so annoying to fight against. 6-7 F-16Cs on each team firing 4 of these each, and from what i’ve seen they take a lot of flares and a lot of manouvering to dodge.

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Yeah it is really hard to dodge

Maybe a little bit but still in the dev smokeless motor of 9M still not work well

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