AIM-9M for F-16A MLU

By history, ROCAF has received F-16A MLU since 1996, and those F-16s are still active in service.
Those F-16A MLUs became available years after AIM-9M entered service and they can be considered, roughly, as F-16Cs
ROCAF has AIM-9M in their inventory
There is a good reason that F-16A MLU should receive AIM-9M if this game makes this variant of AIM-9 available.


There is no 12.0 to replace F-16A MLU with, and China already has many options in development.

There is one, J-10A Early, only has PL-11 (roughly Aim-7E-2) and PL-8B (PL-8 with IRCCM) with PD radar, roughly same flight performance as early F-16.

J-10A with PL-8Bs would be 12.3 minimum.
Which is why it’s on my short list of 12.3 potentials for China besides J-8F getting PL-12s.

you guys have python 3 on j-8f so deal with it

Well, in my mind it should be 12.0 due to lack of long range SARH. Basically everything in 12.3 can clap it with long range SARH and basically every IR missile in 12.3 (Aim-9M, R-73) will have at least the range of PL-8B.

has same SARH has every nato 12.0 if f-16mlu get aim-9m so would every other f-16

But until now none of them r in game…. That’s the key point, Chinese TT need something to pass this period of time

You know what? US has 9M Russian have r73, compare to them PL8’s anti flare capability is just like a clown. Just play the python 3 or pl8 and comment plz.

then give every f-16 AIM-9m

NATO in 12.0 has Aim-7F/M which can strike maneuvering target over 10km away, PL-11 is basically Aim-7E-2, only marginally better —— J-10A only has a 11.0 SARH missile.

No. They work better at 12.0 in the long run.
Short term gains aren’t helpful when next jets are around the corner.

It’ll come in the future hopefully. Especially since it never had AIM-9L’s just the 9M and 9P4. Hopefully they’ll change the missile load outs to the 9P4 and 9M by the end of this year.

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The MLU, just as it’s name tell, according to the history on earth DOES HAVE CAPABILITY TO CARRY 9M but other f16 early types don’t.

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Bruh f-16 mlu is literally the best f-16 at 12.0