AIM-9M for F-14B

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I think he means F-14B shouldnt get Aim-9M because it would mean a BR increase, and it would struggle vs the next gen of aircraft likely to come at 12.7 ish. If/when they add the next F-14, it should be handicapped (i.e, no AMRAAM) so again, it doesnt have to face the next gen of aircraft.

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That’s just it though, it will be facing these things anyway. It might as well have all the tools it was intended to combat these threats. It’s the same bad argument people use for keeping the F-4E from all of its actual ordinance options. And it’s always made by narrow-minded AirRB players who think a plane is only competitive if it can 1v1 everything it could possibly face.

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Yeah… I’d also like any of these F-14 players to spend a day in a Tornado F3.

Well that’s the problem the f14 is to bad to keep up with the new aircrafts but it’s also way to good to get a decent br Discount like a tornado f4f ECE or harriers have or should get

Yep. I personally think all the F-14 should get is Aim-54C finished, and then after that , I dont think we should see anymore F-14s. I dont think they are needed. Better to start looking towards F-15s or F-18s. Would be more beneficial for other trees

I mean we could possibly just go with F-14D with possible AIM-120 loadout + AIM-9M and possible VTAS because why not.

With the amount of 12s US has, I reckon some will move about. I maybe could see the F-14D being added to the F-14B as a modification, if the only thing it adds is AMRAAM and 9-M. A bit like how they added Jaguar Gr1B to the Gr1A. Move that F-14 up without cluttering the TT with a million versions of the same aircraft.

It actually gets a significant radar boost. At bare minimum it should be a new vehicle foldered below the B.

Also full of modifications of the same aircraft is kinda what the US tree is supposed to be

I must have been looking at the wrong teddy.

You played 50 games in the F5E earning only 60k Rp in it and say you unlocked the F16A block 10, skipped it entirely, and grind out the ADF as well? With 60k?

The F14A only 82k Rp earned in it and you got the F14B? with a 42% win rate?

I think you are lying. I do not see why. But ok.
Summer even and economy change is irrelevant with these figures.

I also do not see why posting a picture of the tech tree and not your stats is more relevant to your point. but ok.

Yes that is a prototype yak 141. Do you see and IRST on its nose?

Its ok bro, its an easily missed pointer. No IRST capable ever existed in prototype or on paper.

I do not care if sharks with lazer beams on their heads was important to the Soviets. They did not own the whole rights to the Yak-141 and never suggested a serial production variant would have it.

That is your assumption. We are now operating on what could have been in the mind of the Soviets if they wanted to perhaps one day put a Yak-141 in service and if the government did not collapse on itself?

Dude we are well beyond reality if this is the bar you want to set. In which you are cool with it only because I like the Tomcat because an engineering marvel and that seems to offend you.

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I think that would be better,

For the A & B I say they make the Awg9 as powerful (not the full Irl, but buff it) as it was especially at these ranges and actually model the Aim54. Oh, and also model the aim7M which had midcourse guidance like the R27. That would keep the F14A & B a powerful BVR platform and solve the issue. We never received real Aim54s A & C and neither did we Aim7Ms.

That radar is flimsy as hell the aim7Ms are still copy paste Fs. Easy fix besides giving them Aim9Ms. Which I do not think it will solve their issue anyway. Like you indicated previously (if i got the correct) it’s not even their role to dogfight though they can. We give Ms to them without fixing their actual radar armaments. That is all we will have, 2 dogfighter F14 models. Kind of what they are now actually.

I retract my previous thought on it yes. I say gaijin should finish the missiles they started. It’s always American missiles and British that are left unfinished fascinating. When there is more literature and subject on them available.

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Every sensor and weapon it operates ingame is not something it ever flew with irl.

Gaijins LITERAL justification was “well thats what they were doing with other russian planes at the time so TECHNICALLY this is accurate to an alternate reality YaK-141”

F-14D Super Tomcat better come.

AN/APG-71 is borderline unnotchable and is an absurd radar (the combination of the AWG-9 with the F-15E’s APG-70 but air to air specialized) it gets both TCS and an IIR IRST, and gaijin could give it quite a few different missiles, from AIM-54C ECCM/Sealed, AIM-120’s, AIM-9M, and maybe if they really wanna be spicy, AIM-54D (or C+ depending on the documents you find).


M8, it adds a APG-71, avery good IRST, 9M’s, possibility of 120’s, AGM-88 HARMS, a new cockpit, a new built in jammer pod, and newer AIM-54 variants.

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Here we go again, the fact that it has an IRST does not mean that the whole aircraft is fake. It’s literally the same thing with the flares on the F5C, where the plane exists as it is and Gaijin gives it something based on an assumption (and in the Yak-141 case it’s not even that big of a deal, it’s not like having the IRST has such huge impact in the game).


I’m definitely cool or not cool with anything because you like the Tomcat lol. I love the tomcat too, but I will never say that the awg9 is harder to notch than an Apg66, Rubin or Zhuk because “it’s big and has more power” like you insisted the other day, because that’s just wrong.

Imho the F-14D should come in a folder under the B when the time is right, as it is one of the most powerful aircraft the US will receive in warthunder, if gaijin (hopefully) plans to cap top tier to the early 2000s/late 90s 4+ gen aircraft (basically early tranches of typhoons, Late blocks of F-15C, F-15E, late blocks of F-18/maybe early Superhornets, F-14D, Mitsubishi F-2 and F-15J, Rafale-C, MiG-29k, MiG-29M, Su-27sm, J-10 and J-11, Later Gripen C and others), because it is the last time every nation has something and because with 5th gen fighters there’s too much stuff sill top secret and all planes would be fantasy planes.


We should definitely get an F-14D with AIM-120s after the F-14B, it can be foldered or squadron, but it needs to be available for everyone

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