AIM-9M for F-14B

the new barak (F-16D) and the Italian harrier (AV-8B+) just got AIM-9M same with british GR7, the F-14B should also get AIM-9M missile


Yeah, the F-14B definitely should have the AIM-9M because F-14B is introduced in 1986 while the AIM-9M is introduced in 1983. And what we have in-game is I believe a 1992-1998 version of the F-14B so it definitely should have the AIM-9M.


I think it should stay 12.0 with just AIM-9L.


I mean, did the F-14A use 9Ls? If so, throw them on it and put it at 12.0. Then can give the B the Ms

(Or, Gaijin can give all the vehicles the weapons they used and have the loadout be the thing that determines BR at the time of going into battle?)


F-14s are dedicated BVR fighters. Giving them better IR missiles wouldn’t do any good

If they carried them…? Why not? I’m not saying just the 14s, I’m saying in general, give vehicles their weapons they used.


Let’s say gaijin consider add AIM-9M on F-14B this month, I think up to 12.3


I dont think this is a good idea

the f16c is also getting aim 9ms

I’d love 9M’s on the F-14B, but if I had to choose, id rather gaijin stops screwing around and fix the AIM-7M and AIM-54C


No they’re not. They’re air superiority fighters that can engage from BVR to knife fights if needed. That was the entire reason why the F-14 was built the way it was in the first place and why it was eventually removed from service. Too big and complex to maintain cheaply.


Yeah ok but in WT they are mostly focused on BVR

There’s no reason why the Navy’s premiere Fleet Defense aircraft shouldn’t get the AIM-9M unless Gaijin decides the F-14D is supposed to be a reasonable addition in the future. Move it to 12.3 and give it its appropriate Air-to-air loadout.

Gaijin really needs to slow down and stop escalating weapon capabilities unless everyone at the appropriate BR gets some sort of equivalent or parity weapon. We’re entering eras where pulling slick maneuvers will no longer save the aircraft we’re flying, we’re entering the era of see-first-shoot-first. AIM-9Ms can be retroactively applied to virtually any older Third Gen (F-4E, F-5E, F-4J, A-10A, you get the idea), but we’re still seeing lopsided BR matches for a multitude of aircraft and gimping capabilities of aircraft that should be present in the game.


Yeah i was also wondering why the tomcat B didn’t get them

is there any particular reason why the F-14 should get the 9M? cause it by no means needs it


the F-4F waiting for years for its 9Ls be like


The Mig-29SMT is going to be curb stomping top tier for a while


add aim260 and aim9x blk 2 every 3.0+ usa plane

why do you think it doesn’t need it?

cause america now has the best dog fighter with the second or third best IR missile in game, say what you want about the R73, but the mig 29 is a heavy jet, the F-16 will dance all over it, and anything in game