AIM-9M for AH-1Z

At present, the AH-1Z is woefully underpowered. Originally very potent, the AIM-9L has been outclassed since it was introduced with the Viper. In reality, the helicopter (having been accepted into service in 2010) uses the modern AIM-9X. The 9X would be much to powerful for the game in its current state, of course, but the 9M would be a good substitute . The added ECCM, smokeless motor, and enhanced G resistance would return a needed edge to the Viper’s A-A capabilities. The 9M would help put the Viper on par with the Ka-50/2 in heli on heli engagements.

Should the AH-1Z Viper receive the AIM-9M?

  • Yes, Increase BR
  • Yes, Same BR
  • No

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1Z was started service in 2003 , it never used 9X and it is starting to get it with 9X block 2 model

the 1z is the last thing that is vunerable to aircraft. if you maintain situational awareness you are one of the strongest helis in the air. compared to those that dont have dedicated AA missile slots and/or a gun turret with auto tracking.
so yeah, dont make ground RB worse than it already is for opposing helis, i dont wanna see 8km shots from enemy vipers knocking me out while i basically cant do anything.

The ATAS (Basic [FIM-92A], RMP [FIM-92C] and RMP block I [FIM-92E]) was also investigated for the AH-1Z as well.

I guess not , most vulnerable, mostly helis , not aircraft

yes im talking about my heli

uhhh ok?

Well R-73 for Ka-52 then ?

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You know that AH-1Z only Anti heli capabilitys is ATGM

Worth mentioning is the fact that the 1Z never even smelled, let alone mounted, the AGM-114Bs, it reached IOC with I believe the 114Ls. I get that they might be too strong but at least the K/K2A would be a decent adition


The AH-1Z was only equipped with AIM-9M in actual real combat by the marines.

In game, the AIM-9L is just a placeholder until the AIM-9M is released, for the AH-1Z.

@Gunjob or other devs can confirm very very easily.


As for AIM-9X for the AH-1Z, it was planned by the marines in 2016, and is still testing between 2020 to current year with an HMD on the AH-1Z. Since AIM-9X is already in production, it will be enough to field the AIM-9X after final testing on the AH-1Z’s HMD, which should be finished sometime between this year, and 2026.


There is an internal report open for this already.


While we’re at it, isn’t it silly that it’s still using AGM-114B rather than AGM-114K? This is supposed to be the top USMC heli. Even the AH-6M at 10.0 and upcoming OH-58D can both equip the AGM-114K.

And I hope someone that’s educated can look into the flight performance, because it feels unreasonably sluggish compared to something like an AH-64. The roll rate is hardly any better than the AH-1F, the climb rate is matched if not- worse than the AH-1F, doesn’t even come close to the AH-64 on minimum fuel. Worst of all, it has a serious problem with high-speed banking turns; it doesn’t want to rotate and will continue to turn at an extremely awkward angle unless you manually rudder, you won’t find this issue on any other heli.

Bonus: Where in the world is the APKWS Hydra?


I there anything for the AH-1Z to receive 114K or later Hellfires?

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I’ve not got anything on that right now apologies.

why the hell would you want to increase a helicopterbr when chinese helis get better missiles at a lower BR?


finally there is someone looking at the homeless ah1z



Still looking for a radar pod and AGM-114K lmao
… Nice job though, it deserves that.