Addition of HE-VT ammunition for Leopard 40/70, and change of its BR to a higher value

The reason for that can be easily described. Personally I believe this vehicle will get a great place in Italian TT with HE-VT in its ammunition list, and become reliable weapon of anti-helicopter warfare and decent ability to fight both planes and ground vehicles.

The output of this decision will be greater than introduction of it as another bofors carrier at low tiers, and I will also see that as missed opportunity for a new SPAA capable of fighting helicopters.

In addition to this I want to prevent questions about its current horizontal and vertical drives, yes, they’re wrong on DEV rn and correct values already been passed to developers

Information about HE-VT -


it could get darts too if they want

4.3-4.7 without he-vt imho is fine. this way can overhaul m42. if u give him proxy ammo will go 8.0…where itt has 2 spaa (and sidam should be lowered 7.7 and add the proto version to 8.0-8.3)


It would be hard to proof any characteristics for Italian 40mm APFSDS, so I think it won’t be a real thing

+1 +1 +1
It fits much better at a higher br and italy needs a longer range SPAA than the Sidam and Shilka so it can actually deal with enemy helicopters


If we could have any confirmation that Italy will also get the hungarian 40M Nimrod in one of the future updates this could be a good proposal ( I think the Nimrod better fits the WWII vibes )

Even without putting it into helicopter range I think 6.0-7.0 could be fitting for it (if HE-VT will be added)


Couldnt gaijin just copy paste the Swedish/Finnish one

It would be great if they added proximity ammunition, so it could be put in Br 6.7 or 7 and have some decent SPAA for Italy, since the ZSU-57-2 is not useful for combating aircraft.


Absolutely, this is needed +1

This is just like with the BTR-80A, it started at a low BR, which did not fit it at all, and with an increase in BR and with better ammo it became much, much better.

This vehicle was intended to work against helis and other low flying CAS. Give it HE-VT and it’s going to be a success.


Also, I think you should add the poll feature to the original post, just to show in number and percentages that players want this change (like it is generally done in the suggestion threads).

Not a bad idea.


as I already said in my personal considerations I absolutely agree with the addition of HE-VT for this tank with an RB 6.7 at least to be able to cover the line up

it would probably be 8.0 with HE-VT

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as perhaps you can’t imagine it’s impossible (yet another person who says this nonsense) this tank can’t even accidentally be compared to the 8.0 due to its characteristics of survival, low firepower. I can assure you that for a different ammunition it will not be an atomic bomb with tracks

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insanely fast firerate, HE-VT and very mobile

wz305 only has two slow firing 57mm and is also 8.0

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as AA would be better 40/70, as tank hunter wz305

Yeah, an AA is meant to be good at AA

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honestly double 57 mm are literally a one tap cannon for aircraft if you use a minimum of precision then it makes no sense to talk about low rate of fire…

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I say keep it at the current BR without HE-VT, that or give the DCA 40 the same and also move it up

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+1 Would be a fun AAA at 8.3