Adding Ukranian vehicles to the game sounds like not a bad idea, please Gaijin!

Please 🙏 add Ukranian and Polish vehicles so where on the Russian tech tree, it would really hype up the community for sure. I would give anything for that if I was asked to, it’s just so interesting and versatile, so many types, it would be a great addition to the game, being the biggest fan of the game I feel it in my guts.

I just read the discussion of the addition of T-84 Oplot BM to the game and it just lightened me up, I also heard that they have it somewhere out there either on Warthunder dev server or just in files somewhere, why not make it official in the actual game!!! It’s like a teaser to many users, that never came out.

I wish I could see how many people would agree with my topic, but, wouldn’t it be nice to see many different vehicles in the game? Even if you’re not the biggest fan of Ukranian military, trust me, it will, WILL lighten up the game, and gamers. Just saying, my $50 are ready to be spent. JUST SAYING….



This is just like T-90 but with MUCH faster reverse speed, only half of its forward speed!! Because It has a “gear reverser”, self explanatory.


Also contains special separate targeting system, it can also climb very steep sloped obstacles present on the battlefield, about the special targeting system, it takes air speed, target’s movement speed and some can even track it while moving taking that into its measurements as well. All it takes is 3 seconds and it can lock perfectly on target, those aspects could bring new available machenics to the game, which game would really need more of, as everyone knows. (Unfortunately I could not download the video to upload here, if you are interested in details tell me I could send a link to the videos.)

It’s ammo rack, unlike in many Soviet era tanks, instead it is placed in the rear of the turret which is a thing in many western tanks like Leopards and Abrams tanks which is a big factor of crew survivability.

About survivability, it has a great ERA anti projectile reactive armor that can dig left many modern anti-tank rounds, when it activates it lets out plates of material that cuts through the round into many pieces, until you can’t even identify the round anymore. AS WELL AS APS or Active Protection System! It works differently than other modern APS.

Here they are up close:


the number of clones would be off scale


I mean, mostly there wouldn’t, but yeah I agree, they are pretty similar with the existing tanks.

And I plot is like a t90, but it has stuff that t90 lacks, same as t84 lacking some stuff from t90, it just makes it that players that want versatility over gun power, or the opposite, it just brings more choices to the gameplay.

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Gaijin would find a way to nerf the Ukrainian TT.


For sure for sure, for whatever reason you get crew locked you can just jump over to the other tree and be nearly equally as annoying but with western equipment added to it.

I’m kidding btw. I’m not advocating for a separate Ukrainian tech tree, but as a addition to the Soviet tree.

It won’t have the strong cas and helicopters.

I meant add some vehicles to Russian tech tree that already exists, not adding new tech trees 🤓


There are tanks that are basically clones, why not add more? Plus they have their differences.

Why nerf?

Well, it wouldn’t be bad to make a nation of European countries, such as Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Swiss, etc.

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more T72/T64? no thanks

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Because Gaijin is a russian company… So Ukrainian TT… Gunna be nerfed

Fair reminder, the T-84 oplot is propably coming. Just not for russia.
It most likely will be added in the japanese zech tree as part of the thai sub tree.
If more polish vehicles get added they most likely would end up in uk or german tree as well

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