Adding an Australian Tech Tree

I don’t think we should be our own tree but continue to be represented in the British tree. Many of those planes by the way weren’t straight exports either. Australia built most under contract and weren’t exactly the same as their parent version.

Also we can’t just slap decals on current planes because many as I said were not the same. The Australian Canberra’s were for example capable of carrying missiles and atgm. Twin 40mm boffors on Beaufort and the mosquito too iirc.

Not enough to make its own unique tree but plenty to add to the British tree, filling gaps and adding more variety and unique game planes etc.

Such is life, I don’t like words either

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Huh ? Or you sure australian might be as part of british tech tree ? 🤔

Australia will likely not be a tech tree due to many of the vehicles would just be a copy-paste. Another thing is trying to find information about all prototypes, tech trees, and less known ground vehicles for the nation would be increasingly difficult to do.

I think this is partially the reason even if they combined it with New Zealand and Canada, there are a lot of vehicles that are somewhat unique between the 3 and with copy paste you could get a full enough tree like Italy before the Hungarian sub tree was added.
I think the main problem with adding a standalone tree would be how many people play it, already Israel and Italy are the least played with plenty of unique vehicles but people dont play them because they dont have any connection to them. Thats why I think Australian and others would be a good sub tree.

Overall I think WT should either only have nation trees or move to more ideological trees, such as an Eastern Block tree, a Commonwealth tree, an EU tree maybe. It would allow more unique vehicles from more countries to be added whilst keeping the player base split between a fewer amount of trees.

This became a lot longer than I thought it would lol

TL:DR - Austalian tree too little players, change to ideological trees.

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It would be interesting though I don’t see them doing that. But who knows?

And thats the problem… about 90% of the Australian Tech Tree will be copy / paste of many things that already exist and players will be wondering why they have to research everything all over again

That being said… if it would be a Sub British Tree, then something like 50% of the US tree would be copy / pasted into the British Tree…

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It is difficult to get full tech tree because either you need to start like Israel skipping a lot of verhicles and where are the ground verhicles?

There are 2 big issues. One is copy-paste. There is far too much of it here to make it a unique and interesting tree. The second big issue is what do they get for a ground tree? Ground is way more thinly spread than air is.

In ground Australia has some fun options mainly at the lower tiers, but it quickly devolves into UK and US imports, hence why I think combining it with Canada would prove good


a common wealth tree would be more diverse

Too loose of a concept.
India could work independently, as well as South Africa
Combining AU, CA and NZ would be cool though, as those have a better connection to one another than the other aforementioned nations as well as sharing a common “western” character that India lacks. South-Africa largely has it’s own identity imo, hence why I don’t include it in said western category despite their use of mostly western tanks

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India is a weird mash up when it comes to air
British planes with French and Israeli weapons
French planes with Russian weapons
Russian planes with western targeting pod

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So it is most appropriate to use Australian vehicles as special/squadron/gift packages for the UK and US, rather than as independent subtrees

As a fellow Aussie, I think this would be amazing. However first I would prefer to see Aussie servers back. its complete BS we are forced to play with 250+ ping imo.


I’m in full support of an Australian tree but when I went looking I found a small amount of equipment. And one proposal for a tree.
PikPikker’s and we all know how bad their trees are.

To me, multinational trees are impossible due to the sub-tree system, if we where to get a “Commonwealth tree” we would have had it by now over an SA sub-tree.

So here is my Proposal:
Canada with an ANZAC sub-tree.

Using the rules I’ve gathered a tree is usually made up of a “Main nation” and a “Sub nation”. Gaijin will say other nations are there and will have a home in the tree but that’s still better than the current treatment of Canada and Australia who don’t even have a home.
To me, this option is the best win-win with what Gaijin has so far shown with what they do with nations.
The remaining 3 dominions get a home and the community gets its “Commonwealth tree”.

Tho my personal desire is that both Canada and the Aussies/ANZACs get an independent tree. Over one or the other as a sub-tree.

Why not a proper commonwealth tree? Well, think do you want everyone’s MBT in the same tree?
Like, look at these trees. To me they are bad trees due to effectively having everyone’s equipment:

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Exactly my point: India has a mixed character but not necessarily it’s own, much like China has in game.

Well Australian content wouldn’t be just copy paste in the literal sense. Just to be clear. We modified and adapted every vehicle we ever used and we built many or most of them ourselves here.

Saying that as I’ve already said Australia should be a sub Tree of the UK not an independent tree.

oh I know we did

Even our B-25s had numerous field modifications… they practically jammed any gun that was lying around and shoved them in the nose of the B-25s for Anti-Shipping or Strafing runs on enemy targets…

The issue there is that there would have to have documentation of such field modifications and or adaptations… otherwise, it is just going to be copies or variants that are known that severed with the RAAF

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Didn’t the US do that? We have b-25 with muh M2, b-25 with 8 M2 and a 75, and the a-26 with 14 forward facing .50 cals