Add new HE shells for plz83, or drop to 6.0

Compared to several copy-pasted M109s in this update, PLZ83 is undoubtedly the more unique one. However, when I watched the live broadcast and got this vehicle in the development server, I think it’s a bit weak at 6.3

Let’s start with the current PLZ-83 data
Motor: vehicle weight 30 tons, 520 horsepower, 17.3 power to weight ratio, forward 56km/h, backward 8.5km/h

Protection: Turret Vertical 30mm + Tilted 15mm armor

frontal protection against 12.7 AP shells, unable to protect against diagonal fire 12.7 AP

Hull tilted 10mm/15mm, defends against 12.7 AP, can be broken down by 20mm hvap

Firepower: 152mm gun with reload time 17.3/13.3

the TNT mass of the HE shell is only 5.62kg, the other shell is the HE-VT with the same data

and the secondary weapon has a 12.7mm QJC88A machine gun.

First of all, what’s the problem? The TNT mass of the HE shell is too small, only 5.62kg, while compared to other SPH, the 2s3m is 10.12kg, the type 75 is 9.14kg, the m109 is 6.86kg, and even the 122mm 2s1 is 6.11kg. The plz83’s HE shell is the worst in the SPH.

Secondly, looking at the loading time, PLZ83 has the same 17.3/13.3s loading time as 2S3M, while M109A1 is 13.3s autoload, Type 75 is 10s autoload, and 2S1 is 13/10s. So the loading of PLZ83 is undoubtedly the worst, with M109G (6.0) at a level.

And the PLZ83 does not have more HEATFS and AP shells like the 2S1 and 2S3M, and lacks the same smoke shells as the M109 Type 75.

In terms of armor, the plz83 is okay, it is better than SPH such as 2s1 m109, second only to 2s3m.

And maneuvering is not the advantage of the PLZ83, it is clear that its 17-power ratio and 8.5 retreat speed are worse than the 2S3M 2S1 Type 75.


So what to do with PLZ83? I think there are two options

The first is to add to it HE shells with a greater TNT mass, and other shells.
Incorrect explosive mass for PLZ83’s HE and HE-VT
Suggest BEE7 HE shell and BEE7 HE-VT shell
Suggest smoke shell for PLZ-83

Buff its reload time, not just copy-pasted from 2s3m.
Incorrect reload rate of PLZ83

The second is to drop to 6.0 Br, compared to the 6.0 M109G and 2S1:
Firepower is worse, maneuvering is not good, only the armor is better.


I believe the 5.62kg explosive mass of PLZ83 is a mistake as the so called Type 37 HE is a copy of Russian OF-540 HE based on its projectile mass and velocity. So they should share the same explosive mass of 5.9kg

The secondary weapon should have been Type 54 machine gun based on photos.


It needs to get a much more powerful shell (comparable to the 2S3M’s with 10-11 kg of explosives) AND a reload buff compared to 2S3M in order to remain at same BR - for some reason it weighs 2.5 tonnes more than 2S3M, severely reducing the mobility (and the reverse is bad too).

If nothing changes, then it should drop to 6.0, but even then it would be pretty mediocre with the 2S3M being vastly better for only a 0.3 BR increase. In my opinion, the 2S3M should move up to 6.7 with the new BR changes, and the M109A1 should be 6.0 (or maximum 6.3), M109 at 6.0 and PLZ83 at 6.0 or less (if not fixed).


The current plz83 is a useless vehicle


I agree that better historical shells should be added to the PLZ83 to match its strength, otherwise it is currently significantly weaker in the game than the m109 with the same weight.


Yes we need it, or give China tech tree an M109 too. Because Taiwan province has it.


The PLZ83 has the largest demand for RP of all the updated self-propelled guns, which is very unfair.


PLZ83 with QJC88C machine guns also existed. Not a big problem

Now, in today’s development server update, PLZ83 gets the same TNT quality as OF540.

At the same time, however, the M109 family of M107 shells also gained the same mass of 9.14 kg TNT as the M107 shells used in the Type 75

I would like to ask GAIJIN developers really think that the plz83, which has worse firepower than m109g (6.0), has a BR of 6.3?

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gaijin: Chinese vihicles is copied by USSR’s so it cant be so good as USSR’s🤣(just a joke)

Yes, they really copy-pasted, but just tracks

use the 2S3M’s but not the PTZ89’s tracks? no way! gaijin is too lazy that even dont want to find the real one to C&P