Add fuel weight to fuel slider

Currently, the unit used in the fuel slider is the flight time at 100% throttle, but I would like to see the weight of the fuel loaded here added.


Ooh… That is a really good idea

Yes, I thought they will implement it along with the slider when it was originally announced. Weight indicator is crucial.
Gaijin pls.

Also should show which fuel tanks are filled with fuel or not on different fuel loads in the game’s Xray view, kinda like it shows ammo position on ground units.


The weight of fuel and the aircraft’s center of gravity (CG), which changes accordingly, are elementary and extremely important matters in flight technology. However, since most players fly with the mouse aim, it is difficult to notice the change in the center of gravity.

For example, if you fly a P-51D in SB with a full tank of fuel, level flight will be very difficult.
This is because fuel enters the rear fuel tank, causing the CG to move rearward and significantly reduce stability.

with center of mass you also need the center of lift/aerodynamic drag.

I agree.
It’s difficult because the center of aerodynamics changes very minutely depending on things like AoA.
I heard that when a WW2 fighter jet increases its Mach number, the center of aerodynamics moves backwards, causing the center of gravity to become unbalanced and the nose to drop on its own.

It would be interesting if this could be confirmed through WT test flights.

it is a real effect, why do you want it “confirmed” in War Thunder, when their are better tools that already confirmed it?
It just would be if Gaijin has implemented this