Account Frozen

I havent had access to my main account in over 2 months and customer support hasnt granted me access to my account. I logged into my account one day and i couldnt sign into the game, with an error telling me my account is frozen. I have submitted a ticket and missed out on the entire summer event, but most importantly i havent been able to play at all. Its super upsetting especially with a new update about to come out and i have already missed so much. I dont know if my account got locked for trying too many attempts to log in or from logging in while i was on vacation in another country but apart from the initial ticket response ive been completely in the dark. I dont know if anyone is having or has had the same issue before.

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Yeah it’s been two weeks of radio silence so far the exact same happened to me I submitted 3 tickets it still hasn’t been fixed my account username is Merkavon

Has it been fixed yet?

Please check this post: