Abnormal GE cost for talisman on Leclerc AZUR

Hi Gaijin and modos.

I’m on the dev serv and i unlock new top tiers vehicles (Leclerc AZUR and Leopard 2 PSO).

Aaaaaaaand … When i check modules, my eyes are attracted by a little thing …

the price of the talisman for the Leclerc AZUR is 3100 GE where ALL the other top thirds that I checked this talisman costs ONLY 3000 GE


Leopard 2 PSO

Ariete AMV

And even better: 2900 GE for the 2A6NL.

And this, even though ALL these vehicles are BR 11.7, just like the Leclerc AZUR.

And it’s not a question of position in the line (except for the 2A6 NL) because all the lines have AT LEAST 4 vehicles (and even 5 for the Abrams).

Vehicles lines

Ligne Abrams
Ligne Ariete
Ligne Leclerc
Ligne Leo2

This is TOTALLY ANORMAL. We’re going to have to overhaul the copy.