AA is just bad? or is CAS overpowered?

Why is AA so bad? rockets that miss 90% of the time, radar that can’t lock to a heli 1.5 miles out! Planes that somehow don’t show up on radar but bomb/ rocket you from the stratosfear! and of course drones that hide behind the moon only to get revenge on the player that killed them! I mean seriously where is the balance? Is CAS overpowered or is the AA under performing? It’s NOT a skill issue and NO I wont cope for bad development characteristics of AA units.


They nerfed SPAA repeatedly (SACLOS change and then the new RWRs detect command signals even if the missile is launched in IRST mode). Maybe it’ll get a bit better when the Type 81 and Strela get their optical tracking next update.

So everything else suffers?? That is my point.

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So it means that all radio guided saclos missiles cannot hit any planes since they know when missile is launched and when they turn slightly any missile will miss because of unrealistic saclos

Top tier is beta and its changing with every update. If you want more reliable experience play lower tiers.