A review of French tanks (updated 18/November/2023)

Anyone else find it absolutely insulting that the AMX 13-90 and Char 25t despite having the same power to weight ratio have the slowest acceleration of all 7.7-8.0 tanks.


It’s because of the statistics they have from the players.
They aren’t good for their br brackets, but that doesn’t matter in skilled hands. So Escargot ruins it for everyone else.
I can bring the EBR 1954 to 10.0 and use it just as well, so by Escargot’s logic it keeps going up.


On est d’accord la cadence de tir du VBCI a été nerf ?

La cadence de tir du VBCI semble être légèrement plus lente, mais il n’y a pas de changement dans le nombre.

Ah merci je suis pas fou !

Pourquoi aucune communication officielle via le changelog ?

Now that the leo 2A7 is in the game, can we expect this? :


Anyone else peeved at the fact that Gaijin hasn’t added more than 1 or 2 roof mounted MG’s for their tanks (6.7-7.7)? I’m encountering helicopters and much more CAS and I can’t do anything with my 500 fire-rate hull-mounted MG. Other nations have been getting .50 cals and 20mm cannons since 5.0 BR. Why can’t we have nice things?

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Cause our stats are too good to have mgs…


we literally had to close the skill gap in our tanks and that made us too good… :( nah fr tho the more i play with these tanks I’m realizing that our spalling rounds pack more of a punch than a lot of APHE

In the next planned BR change for tanks above BR 1.7, half of BR increases are for French tanks…The French BR bashing continues…


As several of you, including @MS_Phantasm, have mentioned above, the vicious circle
good stats → BR increase → played by even less bad players → better stats… is at full speed.

I’ll update my review soon after the patch… Sigh…


What can I say, Gaijin’s system for BR changes has always been utterly stupid. Why change something which is completely broken, he?

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What are some good lineups between 4.0 and 5.3?

Is it worth uptiering the 3.7 M4/ARL-44 to 4.0 to play the AMX-13 FL-11?

And what about the M4A4 SA-50? It’s the only 5.0, so the choice is either play it alone with 4.0/3.7s as backups which sounds like a terrible idea, or uptier it to 5.3, which I would guess it still does good at?

And then there’s the AMX-13 DCA-40 which at 4.3 is in a really weird spot, not worth uptiering 3.7/4.0s to play an SPAA, and at 5.3 you already have the TPK 6.41. Or is it still worth playing it?

Yes. The AMX-13 (FL11) is a beast, and the M4A4 is not afraid at 4.0. With the ARL-44 (ACL-1) , you have a full Tier 3 line-up at BR 4.0 to do your tasks and events, which is great. Note however that the ARL-44 is mediocre compared to the 2 other tanks (its shell bounces a lot and their damage is not great), and I personally often replace it by the M4A1 or M10, when playing 4.0.

Next time you see the AMX-13-M24 in the war bond shop, try to get it. It is excellent (but not as good as the AMX-13 (FL11)).

Then you have to go directly at BR 5.3, where the line-up with the M4 Jumbo, M4A4 (SA50), and the big ARL-44 is pretty OK. Do not hesitate to try the AMX-13 DCA in this line-up: it’s not the best SPAA, but it’s a mean tank killer (98mm pen with a high fire rate…)!