A rampant cheater

link to user :

link to replay :

you might say he is using ULQ, but nope, at the start of the battle, he kept looking at the heli that just spawned
and when he was first looking at me, his (probably) aimbot started switching between me and the teammate to the left

i’d recommend you to report him through the repeat feature and to report him in the wt tournament website

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i did report him via the replay feature
but you know that sometimes they are ignored
the account isn’t new either, i saw him playing with ZTZ as well

Might be cheating, might have just been playing on Min Grsphics and had no fooliage.

fortunately they are not ignored they basically do a monthly ban via watching replays, if not you can talk to a game master to confirm

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Read the last paragraph i wrote

Ah ULQ. Didnt understand what that was at first. Possibly then

yeah if you take a look at it he is being blatantly obvious in the replay, he never keeps his sight off people and follows them precisely through obstacles