A discussion on the F-5C and F-5E

And as many times that I’ve fought against it and in it I can confidently say that it’s " OPness " is more overplayed than it is not, as most of the gripes about it is based on the DM that can at times be inconsistent and the issue about the heat signature.

You solve those? It’s still a middlin’ aircraft. It’s barely supersonic and the colt 20mms are quite awful with middlin’ velocity and inconsistent damage. It also has no radar. It shares the BR range with aircraft that are faster, have better missiles including BvR AAMs with the radar to use them. The countermeasures the F-5C has are the saving grace for it as without them it’d be fodder to jets in it’s own BR range - and completely DoA in uptiers - Not that it doesn’t skirt that line already. And as mentioned before, it’s a problem in a downtier because of the compression issue - And it’s far from the only bully in those downtiers.

I’m in agreement that the DM needs correcting and that the heat signature issue needs correcting, but other than those things all I see is a middlin’ aircraft that simply isn’t worth the MSRP.