A-7E - it's time to add AIM-9L's?

Maybe it’s time to add AIM-9Ls for A-7E just like R-73s are added for SU-25K/39?

A-7K is already equiped with “Ls” and it doesn’t make it even a decent fighter. New sidewinders would increase possibility to self defence because A-7E is really slow and it faces planes with advantage of speed of height.


Why not give it access to the the AIM-95, since the SU-25’s get R-73’s?

A-7K should drop to 10.7 and the A-7E should definitely get AIM-9L and all A-7s should get the missing historical 2x Sidewinder slots on the inner wing pylons.

I absolutely hate when somebody tried to bug report the A-7E as not having AIM-9L and the moderators just rejected it “as not a bug” instead of submitting it as a suggestion. It is obvious the devs don’t want to give it AIM-9L for some reason, that reason being that the A-7K is event and so “should” have better missiles - but the SU-25s got R-73 literally immediately after the SU-25BM event was over…


We don’t have prototype missiles in game and AIM-95 documentaion would be hard to get.

There are missiles in game that were produced in fewer numbers, it may not have seen service but it was canceled after being type classified and a decision against procurement was made so isn’t exactly a prototype.

We have a pretty good idea about performance of most relevant aspects of the missile, and for those areas that there isn’t. Gaijin could simply either estimate, borrow or adjust as needed to balance the missile against competitors.

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I don’t think we really need AIM-95. A-7E for sure needs AIM-9L, ground radar and in future we will need more armaments to deal with enemy AA. Like decoys, jammers etc.

We do have the experimental SRAAM.

Aye I forgor. The difference is that SRAAM got actually integrated with Harrier GR.1 while AIM-95 was tested on F-4Js and F-14A and it doesn’t seem like these 2 need any new missiles.

Moderators and Dev’s are not the same people, and the moderators ALWAYS reject “bug reports” that should have been made as suggestions.

So how about taking the hint and making the weapon suggestion in the right forum -


While I agree with OP that gh A-7E should get 9Ls I think a bigger thing we all need to push for is more decompression and to an even greater extent a separate BR spread for ARB and GRB.

Gaijin has said in the past that they can’t do split BR spread for ARB and GRB and tbh I am going to press a fat X on that one, there is nothing stopping them from doing it and it is long overdue. A multitude of aircraft would benefit from this and it would make balancing several aircraft that are problems in both air and ground much easier. The A-7s are just one of many examples of this.

It was tested on a few other airframes including the A-6, A-7 and F-8.

A-7 AIM-95

A-6 AIM-95

That’s cool tho I don’t think it should see anything lower than 10.3

I think they were only mounted on the Gr1 for show, while the Hunter F.6 actually fired them.

Yes, +100 to the 9Ls and also Mav Fs on the A-7E.
I would defo pick it up again just for that.

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