9.3 without flare vs 10.3 all aspect 30g totally balanced

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What, vehicle/vehicles? its hard to know what opinion to outgo from if we aren’t provided with info

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I’m assuming they’re talking about 9.3 vs the A-10 and Su-25s.

Both of which shouldn’t be below 10.7 in air RB.


I don’t understand why Gaijin is so adverse to air spawn at this BR, it would be a natural way to allow bombers / CAS vehicles to earn a fair amount of score before having to contend with incoming fighters.


Its simple, most strike aircraft have Air-Air weapons soo its a high possibility that most players will abuse this to get a better position to later wreck the enemy. Soo sorry but its not that simple unless other steps are taken before…

Sure if their engines let them out perform fighters at their BR, which I know of none that can do that.

Likely the F-104A, F-100D, F3H-2, MiG-19S, MiG-19PT, MiG-21F-13, Yak-38M, Su-7B, Su-7BKL, Lightning F.6, F-100A, J-6A, J-7II, Sagittario 2, G.91 YS, J32B, Ariete, Shenyang F-5, T-2 Early, Hunter FGA.9, Lightning F.53, Yak-38, Su-7BMK, or MiG-21PFM.

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They said All Aspect 30G missiles.

That’s basically the reason why it was done.

You have a short memory then. The A-5C/Harrier spam was legendary back in the day, as they all got airspawns, great engine power and high G missiles. You’d have them orbiting your team minutes into the match, just waiting for someone to have the audacity to look away from them, drop down and shove a Magic 1/AIM-9G up their tailpipe. Not quite as obnoxious as all aspect spam since you can counter them if you keep your eyes on them at all times, but still obnoxious in it’s own respect.

There is an easy solution to this though. Airspawns only for attackers without any air to air missiles in their loadouts. That way, slow planes that need time to rack up ground kills before the fighters show up can do that, but if someone wants to use that energy advantage to dogfight they’ll have to commit to guns only.

Doesn’t completely solve the all aspect problem, but it does help out various underperforming attackers at jet tiers.

Yeah, because a sub-sonic w/o flares, and only AIM-9B’s, shouldn’t face F-104, or A-10A’s.

Only 9.3 I could think of, that I have experienced this issue with is the J32B.

I was listing the 9.3 flareless vehicles, not the 10.3 all-aspect ones.

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Putting these planes which are still very much spammed at a proper BR with an airspawn would resolve this issue and their present annoying situation.

I don’t really see why either of these planes could be considered an attack though they both are essentially fighters.

This would be interesting to see but I don’t know if Gaijin has the ability to program this.

They’re much less of a problem now that they don’t have a free energy advantage over whatever they fight. The Harrier being a subsonic brick is even less of an issue. They could move up if decompression actually happens, but they really have no room to move up at the moment.

They are both CAS aircraft by doctrine and design. That they can also function as fighters is incidental to Gaijin’s arbitrary classification system.

I refuse to believe this would be that hard. We already have a variable that tracks what’s in custom loadouts (SP for CAS in Ground RB), so it would not be hard to set an additional flag that just tracks if guided air to air missiles are present, and alter the spawn locations as a result.