30 mm Mk 103 I/T (Apcbc/ApheI-T) Still no penetration

The Pzbrsprgr L’Spur has still only 2 mm penetration even tho it is an Apcbc grenade with He and Incendary filler.
Screenshot 2023-09-05 214325
Screenshot 2023-09-05 214836
Screenshot 2023-09-05 220643
By the Captured Ammunition Bulletin No.5 From america and
Handbuch der Flugzeug Bordwaffenmunition 1936-1945

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It looks like it’s APBC, not APCBC.

It doesnt just have a ballistic cap but also a protective filling under it, a cap, so Apcbc
It has “Kappe” and inside a “Spitze”

Complaining to us won’t change anything. It’s the devs you need to convince. Gather historical data and compile a bug report. Otherwise nothing will change even 5 years from now.

I allready did, and it was approved, yet still noting, and they also allways say that they read the stuff here.

Ah, ok, but is the cap made of steel then?

Alight then. I agree this shell looks like it should be able to handle at least 10-15mm of armor, not 2mm.

St IV 23, Idk i dont know stuff about steel as well as an Aluminium Magnesium and HgN 12 240. Idk

Calculater of gaijin sayes 58mm, and this grenade replaced both the Ap-I and Aphe of the Mk 101 and Mk 103.

Not a chance this flimsy shell would survive the impact against such thick armor without completely shattering IRL, but I’m suregerman players won’t complain getting this much pen with their 30mm guns.

Should be easy to check, since we have the information on the weights, caliber and velocity.

Penetration values

Assuming a weight of 0.450 kg and only accounting for explosive filler weight gives us this penetration at 800 m/s.

Accounting for both fillers gives us this penetration at 800 m/s.

This is also if we consider it to be an APCBC round.

If we don’t consider it an APCBC round, then we get this penetration when only considering explosive filler weight.

And considering both fillers we get this penetration.

Taking the Stuff, from in game you come to 58mm. The round is 450 with up to +10g so they took 460g

The game goes for the highest possible weight value that can be achieved in the image (450±10g).

I decided to go for the average value of 450 grams as I find that to be more fair.

But the game generally uses “The best version of themselfs” or something, like not taking the quality into considderation, and that is allready in game.

Also i forgot the 2nd picture with 455g

This comment is related to the quality of the materials used for the projectile, and not characteristics such as weight, velocity and filler.

Well, idk ok, but still they decided to use the 460 and with 455 its also 58mm with the in game stats.
Another german Source (L.Dv. 4000/10) also puts it at 455g