2S38 able to penetrate the Abrams Main Battle Tank Turret repeatedly and consistently

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Basically anything with more than 200MM can pen it, easy shot under and around the cannon

How many vehicles have over 200mm penetration while being able to fire every 0.5 seconds for ~20 rounds

STRF 9040s for sweden, not exactly 200 but enough to pen.

OTOMATIC for italy

And most light tanks with the bushmaster / similar rounds should pen if you try hard enough.

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Killed some Abrams with the T-55AM using APHE, to the same area you describe, it’s even easier to go through there if the shell is any smaller, for example, the long 88mm will have an easier time going through there than the 130mm from Object 279.

Yep, in my previous reply inflated the armour number a bit, basically anything with 100 or more will pen, same goes for the Challanger 2 and Leclercs, they are generally not that well protected around the cannon.

I’ve played 9.3 a lot and Abrams is a nightmare for anything with shitty optical zoom, my USSR 9.3 vehicles have shitty optics except for 2S25, which makes Abram’s Weakspot™ smaller and hard to hit, unlike 9.3 Germany I have the M48 Super and Leopard 1A5 which has excellent sight zoom to make hitting the weak spot quickly and more reliably, like not many people talks about the sight zoom which they either make the enemy weakspot bigger or smaller lol