2*R-27ET For MiG-29 (Izdeliye 9.13) and 4*R-27ER/R-27ET for Yak-141 (Izdeliye 48)

With the addition of more capable air superiority fighters, it is now unreasonable to limit the capability of some lower BR fighters, such as MiG-29 and Yak-141.
MiG-29 (Izdeliye 9.13) should have R-27ET, because MiG-29 and Su-27 are contemporaneous vehicles, only Su-27 having R-27ET is not fair for Design Bureau MiG.
The same applies for Yak-141. It is now pointless to limit its load to “2R-27ER, 2R-27R” or a comparable one, as there is already Su-27 with a full load of R-27ER’s. It should receive a full load of R-27ER’s as well.

Further, if people believe that there is now a significant difference between Generation 3’s using R-24R/R-24T and Generation 4’s R-27ER/R-27ET, it is possible to add MiG-29 (Izdeliye 9.12) by copying it from the German Tech-tree and only giving it R-27R/R-27T historically.


Yak-141 probably needs a more comprehensive rework. More weapons and an even higher BR.

so mig29 isn’t a gen 3 aircraft neither is the 141…

I am referring to the MiG-23’s using R-23’s/R-24’s, which are Generation 3.

Oh!!! Okay my bad sorry