[0 REALISM] I guess it's not like it's presented in the game

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I won’t even pay a penny for what you’re doing to make me believe it!

How can you play game for 14 years when it exists for 12?


Seems another player is having a mental breakdown again.
Hate to break it to you, I’m sure its not going to get better with new vehicles getting added. Unless they add new game modes then it might get better

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You’ve been playing the game for 2 years longer than it existed and you are only just now realising its not exactly real?


take pills


Or give us what your on

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I got the date wrong, but that’s not the most important thing. Only what you can see from the game. They do everything they can to spend money

I don’t know if you don’t see or don’t want to see what they do with machines and weapons, but I’m just expressing my opinion and I stick to it.

so your upset that they spend money on development and web hosting of the game?

Paranoid schizophrenia; the thread.

Bro created a forum account just to drop this. I am assuming you took a lot of breaks to get an average of 3 battles a day.

You see it all the time. Worsening statistics for regular units - (see for yourself what is happening with penetration for ground units) Buy premium accounts and premium machines

Can’t you see that this is a cool trick on their part! Lest you think you’re bad on the battlefield

That’s why I’m glad I don’t play much and I notice it

And since I’m angry because the game dictates terms to me and thinks for me (meaning I don’t have 100% of my own influence over it) THEN YOU’RE FUCKING GJIN! ! !

I will also tell you that during these 12 years of playing, it is known with breaks - I have NEVER HIT 1M SILVER LIONS IN THE DRAW.

Legitimately, what the hell are you talking about?

The game looks worse and worse? Looks worse? They continually update graphics every update specifically to make the game look better.

They do everything they can to spend money? Companies usually try to make money, I don’t know of any company that exists with the express goal of spending money. Certainly Gaijin does not exist with the goal of spending money. Gaijin does have to spend money to pay developers and the game design team, to run servers, to commission models, etc., but they certainly do not do everything in their power to spend money because that’s not how business works.

Pardon me, what??? You’re mad that the game has rules and a specific way it works? You’re mad that you don’t have complete control over the game? On top of that being insane, if Gaijin were to give you complete control over the game, they would also have to give that control to every other player because the rules need to be applied universally. Do you see the problem with that?

Also, it’s physically impossible for you to have played for 12 years because your account was created on June 20th, 2013 meaning it hasn’t even been 11 years since your account was created, let alone 12 years.

I’ll close this out by saying that if you think a videogame is supposed to be 100% realistic, then you have no idea how a videogame works because that’s a horrible way of balancing and designing a game. By your logic, we would need random engine failiures, historical matchmaking (the Chronicles of WWII events are a perfect example of what that is horribly imbalanced and doesn’t work), and would need to gut nearly all of the game’s mechanics in the name of realism,


That is a pretty poor post. Care to elaborate what you actually mean? Graphically? Realism? in a graphics post? Telling players what to play? Graphically? It’s gibberish dude.


Jesse wtf are you talking about