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  1. You MUST post your system information. This is a computer issue, not a game issue. You on a Mac?
  2. Thank you, will file ASAP. (Who ask you to report?)
  3. None. I am effectively just another voice when it comes to game decisions. Also cannot prioritize or emphasize bug reports. I have to make suggestions like anyone else in here, too.
  4. Because abusers are bringing in 0 cost units to be bombed so someone else gets score, and Sim players are pissed off/ (BTW, you know the reward is lower for killing a lower rank unit?) However there are some very good Rank 1 units, like Br 65 for killing ground units, and you offer come other examples. SO idea about how stop abuse and not limit player units. SURE! I am not setting rules, just proposing ideas that could reduce or eliminate abuse. For an EC 6 game bringing in an EC 1, that 2500SL is pretty low. Increase the rate so by -3 it is already 50k SL.. (<EC rank>-1)*500
  5. Added that. Can you provide information on Steam client? (I do not use Steam) And what Mac OS you running?
  6. Agree on Kikka 262A-2a the bomber version? Not sure the lack of 2x 30mm makes up for better maneuver. 162 is OK, once you have alt and speed. The 30mm version could be much better. Oh, the V1 is 7.0, forgot. Agree.
  7. 6.7 ? 7.0 Gloster Meteor 7.3 R2Y2 7.7 ? Me 262A-1a/U1 ? F-80C ?
  8. I do that all the time. If you can wait, you get a great room!
  9. You two can discus on what you like and find a compromise. That is true. So your argument is only on regular EC battles, not custom?
  10. EC 3 starts at 3.7 and up. Someone uses an EC 3 to bomb a Reserve/1.0, as well as 1.3, they get 0 points. 1.3 + 3.0 = 3.3BR, outside the 3.0 range. Conversely if someone spawns a 3.7, they will not earn points destroying an unit that is 7.0 and up. I was thinking 3 on both sides to start with, but can do 4 or 5 per side. Rank 2 starts at 2.3, and Rank 4 is 5.0 to 6.3. OK lets up it to +/- 3,7
  11. Here is a thought to stop people going "cheat grind" Idea: No points given for kills of units more than BR 3.0 difference. (or something like that) So if a unit that is 3.3 bombs a reserve, he gets 0 points ( 0 SL / SP / RP). If a Reserve bombs a 10.3, 0 points (0 SL / SP / RP) Certainly would **** the cheat grinders off when they spend a few hours and get nothing. Hate it or like it, it is another idea how to "modify behavior".
  12. Most rooms are legit players Besides, players will join the gamy rooms, mess up the lazy people who will give up. With no limits to making rooms, it is too easy to make a clean room to continue, with limits they have no options. how so? Only applies to those who game the system. Sounds like you want to get rid of EC. Criticism is a cheap and calorie free. Better is make potential fixes. Simple changes may be put in sooner than complex ones, but offer both.
  13. @RogerRogerDroid sorry for being out of touch last few days, was busy over weekend and could not monitor this.
  14. Re spawn timers are proven effective, WTH is GJ so reluctant to use it. Put in a spawn multiplier, so Reserve cost 100,000 to spawn in a EC 5+ match
  15. This would only help if flying over 5000m, which is not often done in game. The main boost comes from the Supercharger, only at high alt does the Turbo help feed the Super.
  16. Chomusuke1, please. Smin is not a Dev, he does not decide what is put in game. He also works to get models correct, but again is not the final word, Gaijin is. Rules apply to everyone: Find sources, present to the mods, we verify, collect, pass it up. Better the sources, sooner it is fixed. Gaijin has bad sources in its library, book are wrong, manuals are missing, blurry photos are hard to see. Present good data.
  17. Best way to dealing with issues is know what causes it, make sure some bias does not skew the analysis. I once thought a P-26 was cheating with a speed boost chasing my Me 262. After the match I checked the replay and it was fine. I simply was too slow in my attacks, and the P-26 can quicker and accelerate faster. My tactics were very bad, so it looked like he was cheating.
  18. What about limiting such rooms? A max of custom rooms, perhaps 1 per EC level? Maybe needing 3 players per side (6 total) to start one? (currently 2) Less score? what else?
  19. I never recall them transporting into middle of map. But the alert can be very late, when close to middle. Nope. A few times i see them at appear at edge of map and be minuets before alert is sent. It was best guess. In EC they AI spawns fairly close to base, easy to guess which. If attackers, they go to earliest ground combat, if not only one. I suspected that too, have not figured out the algorithm.
  20. I did not want to assume it was an error (not my historical specialty), so the most appropriate place for me to post was the where I posted. Shimakaze was not released yet (not even a Dev version of game), and bug reports are for errors in game (Prod and Dev), not what is seen in a sneak peak.
  21. Check again. Ju 288 is one of best
  22. I had massive massive fans under mine (when I did use laptop). It seriously helped, but only went so far. GPU dried out the thermal compound and then the GPU died, I think 4 years after purchase.
  23. Well, I was thinking about real life from Bastong to Kursk, so I added to post)
  24. We do make money for GJ, and I am certain a more loyal player base (not sure about recently) than AB and RB. And YES, we do want new toys, but I a quite sure even AB and RB players want a bug free game, perhaps a majority of them.
  25. Yar For those that don't know, a Phoenix can be launched in Bastong, fly across Ruhr, penetrated Berlin, and hit enemy aircraft in Kursk. (yes, purposeful exaggeration, or not if you put the 4 game maps end to end).
  26. WE do, remind them on a regular basis, and there is always adjustments. Even SMin has said that. Player could do more to help too, by insisting exclusively on bug fixes over new units. Every new version there is always people posting for Mirage this, EE that, Phantom, and MiG 21. Each of those units take enormous research and months, MONTHS, of work to complete. SB community is more organized (per capita) than other modes, but not unified enough.
  27. I see or had a lot of practice because they do it so often Reported I think we block same IP, but if they use VPN and other net hacks, nobody can prevent that. And the computer would melt trying to run 5 at same. Bots already are buggy, they are not doing it. ??
  28. That info is at Gaijin servers, so no. Still need your Launcher Log.
  29. Not sure the map could handle large and fast jet strategic bombers. Bad enough to what we have BR8.0+
  30. And now there is radar guided AIM-7. https://wiki.warthunder.com/AIM-7D_Sparrow
  31. That is now incorrect. Not to long ago it changed, if you load bombs, the cost of those bombs are added to spawn cost. ...I do not believe it applies to the ammo load.
  32. Everyone can already do this. Everything else can be adjusted by other means.
  33. While a nice proposal, it will be abused by those with massive amounts of SL killing fellow player to give SL. Yes, they will be fined for TK and loose money too pay for who he TK'ed, but they do not care, they have millions to blow.
  34. Can be done in regular rooms too
  35. This. 1. EC 6 is BR 8 to 10.3, that is 8 (9 in future) BR ranks in 1 mode. WW2 vs cold war radar guided missiles. 2. Maps too small for SS jets 3. AF AA is WW2 era guns with incredibly slow acting "gunners". Enemy unit is long gone before it fires a shot. 4. AF CAP AI also slow to react, are lower rank jets then the "vulcher / camper" 5. No jet has guided AAM by default, suffer the penalty of Stock before one can hope to succeed. And the Japanese aircraft: Incorrect ammo ballistic incorrect explosive filler (some fixed, more needs fixing) LOTS of missing bombs (at a guess most of rank 2 to 4 missing correct bomb loads).
  36. Also need to your OS, and Launcher Log. Have you though of deleting the game and reinstalling? HANG ON, 10,1?? https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201634 iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) Model Identifier: iMac10,1Part Number: MB952xx/A, MB953xx/ANewest compatible operating system: macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 What about STEAM, what version of OS does that support? Steam is dropping support for older OS Also: have you tried starting game directly?
  37. I am not the person to ask, I do not know anything about this beyond "it can be done" There is forums on Building and CDK, go look there, you will find what you want. Ask the guy who made the Ar 196
  38. Germany has a dozen Italian and UK has 3 French, did not stop creation of those 2 trees. Many more strong reasons for a BeNeLux tree. After all, this suggestion is in the OTHER folder.
  39. I got hint, added NO to first Q. For other Q, select what you want if we will get it anyway.
  40. Please read the instructions and post a BUG report.
  41. I know this is over a month old, have you fixed issue?
  42. Thank you very much! your report will be kept for others to see if they had issue. I will move this to: Community Technical Support > PLATFORM SPECIFIC ISSUES.
  43. 6 torpedo kills in 1 mission. I approve.
  44. Me too, but my effort is trying to get more seaplanes in WT faster. I suggest for your efforts, gather as much data on one French seaplane, flight manual, maintenance manual, blue prints, detail info, and make a post. More the better chance to be made for WT
  45. I forgot to ask, can you send a CLOG file too, please?
  46. I wrote it in my post ^^^ 47 under occupation 40 more post liberation. Likely most assets moved east with Germans, but I am sure some and parts left behind. Post war, France could have collected some more. French community needs to remind GJ they exist. And remind them of all those Frenchmen that fought with Russians.
  47. Not realize French use those. With the possibility of a French Do 24, more rational for Gaijin to make this in game to fill minor part of game. Last entirely new seaplane I think was the Sunderland, and that was years ago. The Swedish float plane is just a modification of a land plane. BTW, we know France built 40 of them, but how many Do 24 use in total?
  48. I do agree a French design is a MUST DO (big challenge is finding the documents, I do not think any seaplane from period exists, vs Do 24) Considering the German and Dutch will get the same Do 24, not much effort to modify and reskin. Cat is BR 1.7, seems a reasonable BR for this. French navy is soon, need a seaplane soon too, so 3 birds with 1 stone.
  49. New game version with better Metal support, this topic is solved.
  50. Thank you. Have enough data, all forwarded. Report archived.
  51. Thank you very much (to make sure, issue not present on OpenGL?) Also alerted our forum staff about the issue, see if they can find a fix. Update: MP4 is not and will not be supported in forums. Please use YouTube.
  52. I wonder the structure of even will be. It would be better if GJ revealed all the details, and not leave you guess at what you need to finish the project. That was frustrating.
  53. IJN Shimakaze squadron vehicle is in! (17 Sept 2020). She is a beauty! A terror in AB with all those fish around cap points (muwahahaha) Unlocking all modules will take some time I like her. Really fast, and faster torps. AAA is strong, but the main guns seem a bit weak (same as others). I usually stay back and let my torps do work. :P
  54. The Island Wind is in game, the missing turret in place, other concerns resolved. The world is right. Starting a new topic.
  55. Arsenal 12H Post-war development of the Junkers Jumo 213 which had been in production for the Germans at the Arsenal de l'Aéronautique factories
  56. France was a significant operator of the Dornier Do 24. History of Do 24 in France: Originally designed by Dornier Aircraft for the Netherlands air force it was put in production by the Dutch. After invasion of the Netherlands the Germans continued Do 24 production in Holland for aircraft to equip the Seenotdienst (maritime emergency service) . During the war the Germans need for Seenotdienst aircraft increased rapidly so the Vichy French CAMS seaplane factory in Sartrouville (under SNCAN) west of Paris was ordered to produce Do 24's. At first assembling parts made in the Netherlands (Fokker / Aviondale), it expanded to build the 24 entirely. The first unit to fly from the Seine was October 1942, the model being updated along the way. A total of 47 is recorded to have been built. (trivia: Caudius Dornier's father was French, mother German). After the liberation of France in August 1944 the reestablished French government decided to continued production (at a reduced) rate to keep intact the aviation industry and keep people employed, building a total of 40 more. Last was delivered on 15 July 1947 As the war was ending there was not need to be armed. In French service it was for various duties, sometimes with the turrets, sometimes turrets removed or swapped around (all turrets used same ring). A radar was installed in one of the turrets. Some of the units assigned was Flottille 9FTr, 4S (transportation), Escadrille 30S, 33S, 53S, and 20S (combat). Not provided was the total number of Do 24 used by the French, but it is safe to assume at least 40 with plentiful supplies scattered all over Europe. The French stopped using them in the late 50's citing reliability issues (however the Spanish used theirs effectively until 1970!) The possible versions in use would be Do 24T-2, armed with MG151/20* in an HDL 151/1 turret and MG 15 in a D30 turret Do 24T-3, armed with MG151/15* in an HDL 151/1 turret and MG131 in a D30/31 turret * "Dornier Do 24 Units" by Peter de Jong says the T-1 used the HS404, the T-2 used MG151/20, and the T-3 used MG151/15 (this in HDL 151/1 turret). It is unknown if the switch from 20mm to 15mm is correct. The only other difference was radio and navigation equipment. Offensive equipment, aka Bombs, the lack there of. With the allies making strong gains it was pretty obvious the war would not last long. When the French acquired and continued to produce its 24's, the need to use it offensively was low even if it was one of the most numerous seaplanes in its inventory, Had the French decided to mount bombs on it, the structural strengthening for it existed from its original design as the Dutch Do 24K. German ETC 500/XI racks and controllers where plentiful and its all electrical system would be relativity easy to install. This is location of bomb racks on the Dutch 24K-1 version with 100kg bombs loaded (not sure which, compared with 50kg bombs) What would be installed? It is known each side could hold at least 600kg, and with France known to use German stocks, here are potential loadouts: ETC 500/XI, carrying either a 250kg or 500kg bomb, and with an ETC 71 adapter mounted on the rack allowed carrying 4x 50kg bombs per wing. It is possible to consider to mount 2x ETC 500 per wing, with a max load of 2x 250kg bombs each, or just one 500kg bomb, and 8x 50kg bombs per wing. Now, if it can be proven the Dutch mounted 3x 300kg bombs under the wings, this will indicate the wing was strong enough so consider to mounted 2x ETC 500, with a mix of 1x 500kg and 1x 250. Discuss what you think! Source material: Book: Dornier Do 24 Units by Peter de Jong Web site: http://www.dornier24.com/ http://www.dornierdo24k.nl/ http://www.deutscheluftwaffe.com/archiv/Dokumente/ABC/d/Dornier/Dornierwerke.htm http://www.grubbyfingersshop.com/walkaround_galleries/Dornier_Do_24_Walkaround_X24_Dutch_Air_Force_Museum_2015/content/index.html (actually a 24T-3, made to look like a 24K-1) (Film if the Dutch Do24K in service in DEI, being armed with Browning .303 and HS 404, with views of the bomb racks) French used both a German style green colors, or post war a bright white. Do 24T General characteristics Crew: 4 to 6[32] Length: 22.05 m (72 ft 4 in) Wingspan: 27 m (88 ft 7 in) Height: 5.75 m (18 ft 10 in) Wing area: 108 m2 (1,160 sq ft) Empty weight: 9,400 kg (20,723 lb) Gross weight: 13,700 kg (30,203 lb) Max takeoff weight: 18,400 kg (40,565 lb) Fuel capacity: 5,300 l (1,400 US gal; 1,200 imp gal) in two 1,000 l (260 US gal; 220 imp gal) wing tanks and twelve small tanks in the sponsons Powerplant: 3 × Bramo 323R-2 Fafnir 9-cylinder air-cooled radial piston engine Propellers: 3-bladed VDM variable-pitch metal propellers Performance Maximum speed: 330 km/h (210 mph, 180 kn) at 2,600 m (8,500 ft) 290 km/h (180 mph; 160 kn) at sea level Cruise speed: 295 km/h (183 mph, 159 kn) at 2,600 m (8,500 ft) (maximum continuous) Range: 2,900 km (1,800 mi, 1,600 nmi) Ferry range: 4,700 km (2,900 mi, 2,500 nmi) Service ceiling: 7,500 m (24,600 ft) Time to altitude: 2,000 m (6,600 ft) in 6 minutes 4,000 m (13,000 ft) in 13 minutes 12 seconds Armament Read above Here is the Dutch version suggestion.
  57. What is the 1402? I only see 1401.
  58. (Google Traduction) Le livre "Do 24 Units" de Peter de Jong "a un chapitre sur les Do 24's français, mais encore très peu. Fondamentalement: les Français ont reçu l'ordre de fabriquer des Do 24 sous les spécifications 24T-3. Situé à Sartrouville, sous CAMS / SNCAN. Après la libération en août 1944, les Français ont continué la production à un taux réduit (pour garder les gens au travail). Le dernier a été livré le 15 juillet 1947. En service a été utilisé pour la recherche et le sauvetage (SAR), non armés, parfois les tourelles enlevées. Certaines des unités affectées étaient Flottille 9FTr, 4S, Escadrille 30S, 33S et 20S. Book "Do 24 Units" by Peter de Jong" has a chapter on French Do 24's, but still very little. Basically: French were ordered to make Do 24's under 24T-3 specifications. Located at Sartrouville, under CAMS / SNCAN. After liberation in August 1944 the French continued production at a reduced rate (to keep people employed). Last was delivers on 15 July 1947. In service was used for Search & Rescue (SAR), unarmed, sometimes the turrets removed. Some of the units assigned was Flottille 9FTr, 4S, Escadrille 30S, 33S, and 20S. =============== Il n'est pas difficile d'imaginer avec la fin de la guerre qu'il n'était pas nécessaire d'armer le Do 24. Ou de faire des efforts pour y installer des bombes. Le livre ne mentionne aucune considération par l'ALA pour les missions de combat, même si quelques-uns ont été affectés à des escadrons de combat. Le français s'est plaint de la fiabilité du Do 24, mais les Espagnols ont pu utiliser ses Do 24 jusqu'en 1970 et avaient un bon dossier de service malgré l'âge. Spéculation: La conception originale avait des "points durs" pour les bombes, tout ce qui serait nécessaire est un système de contrôle pour armer et larguer. Le support allemand ETC 500 / XI est tout électrique, beaucoup plus simple que le déverrouillage mécanique pour installer le support à bombes. It is not hard to image with the war ending there was no need to arm the Do 24. Or put effort to fit bombs on them. Book does not mention any consideration by ALA for combat missions, even though a few were assigned to combat squadrons. French did complain about reliability of Do 24, however the Spanish were able to use its Do 24's until 1970 and had good service record despite age. Speculation: The original design had "hard points" for bombs, all that would be needed is control system to arm and drop. German ETC 500/XI rack is all electical, much simpler than mechanical release to install the bomb rack.
  59. Dev announced the Shimakaze on 11 Sept 2020. Suspected error in model. Please post data and sources to the Shimakaze here to be reviewed. Note: Wikipedia is NOT a recognized source, but the references in Wiki can help find approved sources. @Smin1080p @Stona
  60. The Dornier Do 24 was designed to meet a Royal Netherlands Navy requirement for a replacement of the older Dornier Wals being used in the Dutch East Indies (present day Indonesia region). Dorner beat out 2 other designs to win the contract, with production of the Do 24K-1 to be built under license in the Netherlands by Aviolanda at Papendrecht using American Wright R-1820 Cyclone radial engines. Production was well under way with 37 units reaching the DEI before the Netherlands was invaded by Nazi Germany, all further production reserved for Luftwaffe air-sea rescue. The Dutch upgraded to the Do 24K-2, used a more powerful version of engine and up-armed the 3 turrets from 3x 7.7mm Browning's to 2x 7.92 MG 15, 1x 20mm HS 404 guns and up to 1500kg of bombs, however only one (X-37) left Netherlands before surrender. X-1 to X-12: 3 turrets 7.7mm Browning's; up to 1200kg of bombs (depending on mission requirements) X-13 to X-36: 2 turrets 7.7mm Browning's, middle turret with SAMM turret 20mmm HS 404 cannon; up to 1200kg of bombs (depending on mission requirements) X-37: Stronger engine, 2x 7.92 MG 15, 1x 20mm HS 404 guns and up to 1500kg of bombs (Trivial note: all 3 turret rings were the same size, so it was possible to mount the round top SAMM turret to the nose or tail) Here is picture of middle .30 browning turret look to rear of aircraft. The strap is the gunner seat! It is all manual, not a powered turret. Bomb rack under the Do 24 wing, dropping 50kg "VMNo2" (Vliegtuigbom Marine No2) Dutch bombs. Note some racks are larger than others. History of Do 24 operations in brief: When the Netherlands was occupied by Nazi Germany, the government fled to London on 15 May 1940 and the Dutch government-in-exile continued military operations over its vast holdings in Asia with aid from UK. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands was determined to hold on to its territories and resist the axis (unlike the French who eventually lost its Asian colonies to Japan). The 37 Dutch Do 24K (marked X-1 to X-37) that did read the Dutch East Indies attached to the KNIL Air Force actively patrolled the region, income from oil and rubber exports paying for the military force's needs. War with Japan was fully expected, and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands did not hesitate to declare war on Japan the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor, actually hours before the US and UK as Do 24's and RAAF Hudson spotted Japanese invasion force about 90 min before attack on Pearl Harbor. The US was now readily able to openly support the KNILAF with spare parts, especially for the Wright R-1820 engines. Combat was brutal in the DEI and Japanese was eventually successful in occupying nearly all of the DEI. By 9 March 1942 the Dutch forces in DEI surrendered and the remaining air and sea forces retreated to Australia. No longer able to support their aircraft, surviving aircraft were passed on to the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force). While still combat capable, the RAAF had limited supplies of armaments specific to the the Dutch Do 24's so eventually they were relegated to other vital duties. By wars end, at least 4 of the Do 24's remained intact (X-4, X-8, X-9, X-24) but retired to No.1 Flyingboat Repair Depot at Lake Boga due to lack of parts. Today the fuselage of one exists in Australia, formally used as a yacht, now in museum. Source material: Book: Dornier Do 24 Units by Peter de Jong http://www.dornier24.com/ https://www.goodall.com.au/australian-aviation/dornier-24/dornierDo24.html http://www.dornierdo24k.nl/ https://nimh-beeldbank.defensie.nl/foto-s/?q=Do 24&fq[]=search_s_mediatype:"Foto's"&mode=gallery&view=horizontal http://www.deutscheluftwaffe.com/archiv/Dokumente/ABC/d/Dornier/Dornierwerke.htm https://kw.jonkerweb.net/index.php/en/aircraft/aircraft-d/704-dornier-do-24k-uk?start=1 http://www.grubbyfingersshop.com/walkaround_galleries/Dornier_Do_24_Walkaround_X24_Dutch_Air_Force_Museum_2015/content/index.html (actually a 24T-3, made to look like a 24K-1) https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?topic=51695.48 Filmed in Indonesia (DEI) shows preparing a Dutch Do24K armed with Browning .303 and HS 404, also views of the bomb racks in certain angels. Mass formation flight of 9 Do 24's with the smaller Fokker T.VIII (which was also used by RAF) and some unknown biplanes. Like the PBY, the Do 24 was used extensively by many combat forces, unlike the PBY it was used by the Axis as well as allies. Do 24K-1 or K-2, Dutch Basic stats: Do-24K-2 Wingspan: 27,30 meter Length: 22,05 meter Height: 5,53 meter Wing area 108 m² Engines Three Wright Cyclone R-1820-G105A (with two-speed supercharger) Speed maximum 340 km/h Cruise 260 km/h Range 3500 km Crew 5 or 6 Armament two 7,9 mm MG 15 machine guns, one 20 mm Solothurn canon, 1500 kg bombs Bombs: 12x 50kg, 6x 100kg, 6x 200kg, or 4x 300kg bombs. Bombs used on Dutch Do-24K are the "VMNo2" (Vliegtuigbom Marine No2): 50kg_VMNo2 100kg_VMNo2 200kg_VMNo2 300kg_VMNo2 Images of the Dutch bomb racks in spoiler Early colors, likely peace time, before declaration of war against Japan in 8 Dec 1941. Colors worn by KNILAF in the DEI This the the camouflage the RAAF used while they operated it, unarmed. The RAAF skin could be as prize or 200GE. Considerations: It is not the most heavily armed or carried the most bombs for a seaplane, but compared to others was one of the fastest. It was also one of the most wildly used seaplanes in the world. Besides the Netherlands and Germans, over 80 were used by the French, 12 by Spain, the 6 or so by Australia, and a few flown by Norway, Sweden, and Russia. The nations that used it praised its rough water abilities, with a UK record of one Do 24 landing to rescue a RAF crew in seas a Sunderland would not dare land. Here is the last airworthy (but modified) Do 24 spinning out after hitting a submerged object (tree trunk?), but staying intact and afloat (flew out 7 days later for more repairs at home base) Here is suggestion for the French version of Do 24
  61. WT is rapidly heading to next level platforms and weapons (radar guided missiles), obvious in 1.101 "Raining Fire". Reading this EC-7 post it was already becoming obvious we must think further ahead, I thought the same as przybysz86. So, lets start FRESH with what an 8 level EC will be like, and anticipate BR 10.7 and 11.0 jets (some platforms are already 10.7, IMHO). And yes, consider the Maps are still WW2 style with Cold War battles raging.
  62. The SUMMER 2020 event has a special prize of the Ar 196A-3. This is a very much needed and welcome addition to WT, however Germany still lacks a Rank I seaplane anyone can get at any time (either unlock or for GE). Yes, Event units could be purchased on "marketplace" with GJC after, but they often sell for much more real money, and there are ways to earn Gold Eagles in game. Event vehicles are effectively a very rare unit. As Naval games develop seaplanes become more and more critical for winning matches because they can cap water points and earn a victory. There is also a Warbond challenge that requires use of a "hydroplane" (seaplane) to complete a mission. I play naval almost every day I often see seaplanes capping distant points, often winning the match for the side with the capping seaplane. USA, UK, and Japan have Rank I seaplanes in regular tree and Premium. USSR has a Premium PBY-5a in Rank I Germany (and the very recent addition of Italy) does not have an (easily accessible) seaplane. Some players may know of the He 51 B-2/H seaplane, but that is a special event unit last offered 3+ years ago and few have it. The BV 238 is gargantuan BR 4.0 target that is not a good unit for capping points, it takes a very long time to slow down so is easy to coast over a point before it is capped. Proposal: Upgrade the Event Ar 196 to the later A-5 version. 1. This upgraded the gunners obsolete MG 15 with a ROF of 1000 rpm to the massively better MG 81z with 3600 rpm! 2. Later in the war the MG FF had a 90 round magazine, for a total capacity 180 rounds of 20mm. 90 round magazines were developed and produced early 1941, and was designed to fit all MG FF and MG FF/M installations (See the Fw 190A-5). Later (next major?) the Ar 196A-3 version can be free to added to the main tree as a simple unlock. This is a Win-Win situation. Players in the event earn a very worthy prize unit that will be competitive with others. All players can get a seaplane to do the events and warbond tasks. Germany tree will be ready for upgrades to Naval game play. Here is the only picture I could find with a clear view of the MG 81z The only visual difference between the A-3 and A-5 for War Thunder purposes is the rear gunners weapon. No changes to engine performance (only a documented propeller change) or added armor is noted. The real aircraft had new radios changed radios and new cockpit instruments (not critical for making a new version) Limited online sources for A-5 (and are often copies of Wiki), some locations: This is Kagero book, with 2 sentence on the A-5 http://www.kagero.eu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=303:arado-ar-196&catid=95:aviation-of-ww2&Itemid=688&limitstart=2 https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Ar-196/Arado-Ar-196.html Here are the stats for the Ar 196A-5, taken off Wikipedia and but the MG 81Z replacing the MG 15. General characteristics Crew: two (pilot and observer) Length: 11 m (36 ft 1 in) Wingspan: 12.4 m (40 ft 8 in) Height: 4.45 m (14 ft 7 in) Wing area: 28.4 m2 (306 sq ft) Empty weight: 2,990 kg (6,592 lb) Max takeoff weight: 3,720 kg (8,201 lb) Powerplant: 1 × BMW 132K 9-cylinder air-cooled radial piston engine, 706 kW (947 hp) Performance Maximum speed: 311 km/h (193 mph, 168 kn) Range: 1,080 km (670 mi, 580 nmi) Service ceiling: 7,010 m (23,000 ft) Rate of climb: 5 m/s (980 ft/min) Wing loading: 98.2 kg/m2 (20.1 lb/sq ft) Power/mass: 0.167 kW/kg ( 0.101 hp/lb) Armament Guns: 1 × 7.92 mm (0.312 in) MG 81Z machine gun (with 2000 rounds of ammo) 1 × 7.92 mm (0.312 in) MG 17 machine gun 2 × 20 mm (0.787 in) MG FF cannon Bombs: 2x 50 kg (110.231 lb) bombs
  63. Decided to make a history of changes to EC, there is positive improvements even if progress is slow. Original EC announcement ( 12 November 2015 ) https://warthunder.com/en/news/3419--en Enduring Confrontation, Pt.1: Basics ( 23 January 2016 ) (play guide) https://warthunder.com/en/news/3515-video-get-ready-for-enduring-confrontation-pt-1-basics-en Enduring Confrontation, Pt.2: Situational Awareness (6 February 2016) https://warthunder.com/en/news/3554-video-get-ready-for-enduring-confrontation-pt-2-situational-awareness-en “Enduring Confrontation”: Front line ( 16 March 2016 ) https://warthunder.com/en/news/3637-development-enduring-confrontation-front-line-en Changes in Enduring Confrontations! (50% SL withheld till landing) ( 7 September 2016) https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/329987-changes-in-enduring-confrontations/&tab=comments#comment-6436300 This happened because of this very active Suggestion topic Enduring Confrontation mode update, capture points and moving front ( 27 March 2018 ). https://warthunder.com/en/news/5415-development-enduring-confrontation-mode-update-en Updates: Update 10.04.2018 ( (10 April 2018 ) https://warthunder.com/en/game/changelog/current/813 Server update 11.04.2018 ( 11 April 2018 ) https://warthunder.com/en/game/changelog/current/814 Modular (and larger) Airfields in Enduring Confrontation (26 December 2018) https://warthunder.com/en/news/5973-development-modular-airfields-in-enduring-confrontation-en Change in EC ranks from 5 to 6 (14 March 2019, v looking for official post that says it) Bomber repair costs and bombing reward adjustment (23 September 2019) https://warthunder.com/en/news/6387-news-bomber-repair-costs-and-bombing-reward-adjustment-en On a side note, Naval Enduring Confrontation, hopefully could expand into Air EC https://warthunder.com/en/news/6394-event-naval-enduring-confrontation-en https://warthunder.com/en/news/6401-event-naval-enduring-confrontation-la-manche-rb-en/ Changes not listed in patch notes, month of October 2019: 1. Mid October 2019: Bombs, or at least German bombs, reduced 20% when bombing air fields. 2. With release of 1.93 in late October the 2x bombing reward that started with earlier Modular Airfields corrected. Now the bombing results = TNT dropped. Planned economy changes - 02.12.2019 (2 December 2019) https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/470659-planned-economy-changes-02122019/ "Now in SB for the bombing of enemy bases and airfields you will receive 50% at that time reward. The remaining 50% will be received after return to the allied airfield." All other action regardless of air unit is rewarded full amount (100%) instantly. Server update 14.04.2020 (14 April 2020) https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/483265-server-update-14042020/ https://warthunder.com/en/game/changelog/current/1093 Partial storing of respawn points after battle has been disabled for Enduring Confrontation aviation battles in RB and SB modes. Everyone starts with 0 SP, forced to spawn base unit or lower in each EC bracket. War Thunder "Regia Marina" (8 July 2020) (A major update to 1.99, did 1 change to Air EC, but some to Naval that may cross over) https://warthunder.com/en/game/changelog/current/1129 https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/492556-war-thunder-regia-marina-changelog/ Enduring confrontation. The front line now reflects the shape of sectors (now it is drawn not with a curved line, but with rectangular lines along the borders of sectors). Naval Enduring confrontation. Known and reported bugs with the visualization of the front line on Malta and Saipan after capturing and recapturing ports, have been fixed. Naval Enduring confrontation. A bug has been fixed when the base targeted for bombing, located in the same square as the port, did not disappear when capturing the port. Naval Enduring confrontation. Disabling the respawn point in port is now possible only when the number of enemy vessels is greater than the friendly ones (only for ships and player-controlled aircraft which have landed either on the ground or at sea). A lone vessel can no longer block the respawn. War Thunder "Raining Fire" 1.101 (2 September 2020). By look seems to be mostly cosmetic changes, could not find anything substantial to matches. https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/497216-war-thunder-raining-fire-changelog From patch notes: Enduring Confrontation In the Enduring Confrontation mode in the “English Channel” location, a 4th sea port has been added for each side. The total number of sea ports in the mission is now 8. Aircraft that are in the air will no longer be counted in capturing the sea ports. New Naval Enduring Confrontation in the “Denmark” location has been added. 4 seaports for each side which is 8 in total and the size of the battlefield is 86x86 km. The line above says: List of general changes: Base models for bombing have been changed to the correct ones, their functionality is now similar to “Enduring Confrontation” mode. After destruction, bases may respawn randomly in certain positions, designed for every mission. Possibly for AB/RB and not EC.
  64. The original post image links are broken and because is old needs to be replaced. Japanese armament is divided into 2 branches, the Army and Navy. While many nations had separate Army and Navy vehicles, the fact even weapons are also separate is unique (and a contributor to Japan's demise). This division even as far as the cannon on the J8M1 / Ki-200 (a rocket fighter based on the Me 163) deciding if it was a Navy or Army fighter. It is a greater irony in the Navy possessing land based fighters. Army: (links are to wikipedia, it is a good general info, but still a third rate source) Type 89 machine gun (7.7mm) (Japanese army)(a MG chambered to a 7.7x58mmSR Type 89 cartridge) Type 98 machine gun (7.92mm) (Japanese army)(copy of German MG 15) Ho-103 machine gun (12.7mm) (Japanese army)(based on .50 Browning, uses a (Breda-SAFAT) 12.7x81mm cartridge) Ho-104 machine gun (12.7mm) (Japanese army)(same as above, but for flexible installations) Ho-1/Ho-3 cannon (20mm) (Japanese Army) Ho-5 cannon (20mm)(Japanese army) Ho-155 cannon (30mm), (Japanese army) Ho-203 cannon (37mm) (Japanese army) Ho-204 cannon (37mm) (Japanese army) Ho-301 cannon (caseless 40mm) (Japanese army) Ho-401 cannon (57mm) (Japanese army) Ho-402 cannon (57mm) Japanese army) Type 88 cannon (75mm) (Japanese army) Navy: Type 92 machine gun (7.7mm) (Japanese navy) Type 97 machine gun (7.7mm) (Japanese navy) Type 1 machine gun (7.92mm)(Japanese navy)(copy of German MG 15) Type 2 machine gun (13mm) (Japanese navy) Type 3 machine gun (13.2mm) (Japanese navy) Type 99 cannon (20mm) (Japanese navy) Type 5 cannon (30mm) (Japanese navy) Type 2 cannon (30mm) (Japanese navy) Ammunition types: In almost all Japanese aircraft ammunition, the Primer is composed of Mercury Fulminate, Potassium Chlorate, Antimony Sulphide and Grit. The propellant in almost all cased is Graphited Nitrocellulose. The German 20mm ammunition uses Nitrocellulose, Nitroglycerin, and Diphenylamine. Fuses for HE type ammunition. 20 mm Ho-5 cannon (ホ五) Ma-202 Special incendiary shell (マ二〇二 特殊焼夷弾) Ma-205 Super-sensitive air compression fuzed high-explosive shell (マ二〇五 鋭敏性空気信管付榴弾) Ma-206 Super-detonation air compression fuzed high-explosive shell (マ二〇六 剛発性空気信管付榴弾) 12.7 mm Ho-103 machine gun (ホ一〇三) Ma-102 Special incendiary bullet (マ一〇二 特殊焼夷弾) Ma-103 High-explosive bullet (マ一〇三 榴弾) Ma-105 Super-sensitive air compression fuzed high-explosive bullet (マ一〇五 鋭敏性空気信管付榴弾) Ma-106 Super-detonation air compression fuzed high-explosive bullet (マ一〇六 剛発性空気信管付榴弾)
  65. With much joy to Italian players the venerable Re.2000 is updated to the greatly improved Re.2001 was introduced in 1.85 (post release devblog on 26 Dec 2018). Replacing the underpowered radial with an Italian built DB 60x class engine and adding the powerful MG 151/20 cannon and a bomb rack as bonus, this aircraft became a formidable war plane adding to the powerful triumvirate of excellent Italian fighters. With 3 new versions in Rank 2 (CB, CN, and Serie 1), the Roma's might takes to the air!
  66. One of the aircraft released with the French air force in 1.73 is the Marcel Bloch MB.162, a proposed bomber that never made it to the production line before French surrender (Germans captured and tested, before using for special missions). Much like the famed Fw 200 Condor, this aircraft was derived from the MB.160 mail plane airliner (during this time the emphasis was on fast premium mail delivery over fare paying passengers) Unlike the Fw 200 the 162 was much faster and carried a far more formidable armament of 20mm cannons, however the coverage is limited (and I suspect not correct, anyone had info?). Conversely, the bomb load is less, at 2000kg (4x 500kg) max. Aircraft is fast, climbs like a rocket, and is surprising maneuverable for size. While it lacks punch, it has excellent chance to complete mission. Trivial note: That javelin on nose of aircraft is actually a testing pitot tube that would not be there in production. GJ wants to be accurate, but when dealing with prototypes plans where often destroyed, so a guesswork ensues.
  67. To the delight of everyone, the MC.205 was announced as part of 1.69 on 19 May 2017! The latest evolution of the MC 200 line and powered by the DB605 engine is proved to be able challenge any fighter on an even basis, 2 versions will be introduced. MC.205V Serie 1 - Early production version armed with machine guns MC.205V Serie 3 - Later production version with improved firepower
  68. This Italian Stallion was announced 15 May 2017 and is sure to bring other jets a run for their money. Just don't make mistake of confusing this fine hand built engineered machine to the roughly similar looking F-86! The G91 was the new Italian Fighter during '50s and the first exported in other countries after WW2. Thanks to its maneuverability it was used by the PAN (Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale) till 1982 after being replaced by the MB339