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  1. AND must be a PLAYER, not a Bot. Almost every game I play lately has a bot, and they are easy kills, but no kill for events. PS, have mine already.
  2. That is a very interesting point of discussion! The site does say this: Hague Rules of Air Warfare Article 18 of the 1923 Hague Rules of Air Warfare provides: The use of tracer, incendiary or explosive projectiles by or against aircraft is not prohibited. This provision applies equally to states which are parties to the Declaration of St. Petersburg, 1868, and to those which are not. This might have a discussion among bureaucrats and diplomats, but probably ignored by everyone else.
  3. Of course. My understanding the full box is 36kg, and empty box is 18kg, so weight of links is 18kg.
  4. FIFY. AN East Euro tree is good. But this is 262 will go in Soviet if there is no Czech or East Euro tree. It is just like the French SNCAC NC. 900, the French built version of Fw-190A-8 (which is in the French tree).
  5. I agree and 2 good questions. Also this possibility: 3. Dissatisfaction with 15mm HE power, not installing when it would not do desired effect (thus expedient MG FF adoption) Still, even if far from desired, it was much more potent than the 7.92mm I have read the Bf 109E was ready to carry a motorkanon, maybe even a test fit, but in end was not used.
  6. This critically matters, because when books by the most respected aviation historians state the MG 151 was not put in service until 1941, and now someone says "but the MG 151 was ready in 1937!", 4 years earlier? And the RLM choose the lower performance (and foreign built) MG FF over the available better preforming MG 151? Understanding WHY the MG 151 was delayed those 3+ years means all the world to the legitimacy of this report. Your last sentence (bold) is exactly why this must be done, to piece together lost data and prove a hypothesis. Because getting this right means this
  7. So the "Gewicht, leer." is mass of 1000 links? (being in the "gurtkasten" , belt box. ) I actually have a few rusty 20mm links (off ebay), weight 15.2g (and 13mm links at 9.3g each) (not mine, image to show what they look like) https://thumbs.worthpoint.com/zoom/images1/360/0412/28/ww2-luftwaffe-20mm-mg151-13mm-mg131_360_db2616c3392f41fd90f000a09c8cb6d1.jpg I will use 18g to be safe. I also found data that said the 7.92mm link is 3.2g each, 200g more mass (trivial). I weighed the 7.92mm I have at home, and actually non of them are 27g.
  8. This document say the MG 131 installed in He 100, or just discussing the weapon effectiveness? Yes, diagram will be posted. "gurtkasten" , belt box. gurstglieder belt links. 1000 links??? More translation please.
  9. Post reports here Need CLOG, DxDiag, please https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/forum/568-windows/
  10. Thanks! Messinghülse = Brass case (what contains the charge powder). Stahlhülse for Steel case Pull out weight..? Force needed to extract the spent cartridge?? Other items apparently just ID marking. The rest I have good idea what it means. "15mm Pzgr. L'spur Ub. o. Zerl Messinghülse " is the heaviest version of 15mm at 172 +/- 7g, and even 200 rounds of that (with MG17) will not exceed the 68kg munition weight!
  11. Request from anyone who knows German: Someone translate the Patron.. and Auzig.. text please? (not super important, just helpful to me)
  12. Great, thanks for help (p88 to 92) Also just found it was on this too, bottom half (missed it first time I saw it)
  13. Here is my report header, before the wall of text describing the details. The He 100 (Project 1035) is confirmed to have the MG 151/15 15mm machine gun installed in the aircraft at one point in its history. This is confirmed by: 28 September 1937 records for the Project 1035 meeting stating installation of MG 151 Documented existence of at least 15 MG151 engineering examples built, 8 ready for installation Intent to install MG 151, as well as MG 17 and MG 131. And supported by The 68kg munition load in manual is significantly more than the mass of 1
  14. Considering you basically tried to install game on a "new" computer (IIUC, an account on Mac, like Linux, is like a unique computer), it seems like the server was stopping your updates. Just a guess. Thanks for feedback. This issue is resolved.
  15. My very first drop was Composite, and then everything else for the next 10~15 drops. Now it is Composite and Steel coming often, the Copper (non-ferrous) and High-tech dropping less. Did you get 2 or 3 crates in your next match? It is known sometimes a crate will not drop in that match, but will come the next. Fail to drop in same match is common in WT.
  16. wonderful! You use Steam, yes? There was an update how Steam and WT update, maybe that fixed it?
  17. Reports of War Thunders death has been greatly exaggerated.
  18. Perhaps it is not clear to you. It WILL be submitted, I have been writing up the report listing all the sources provided. I have been busy in RL and with higher priority bugs (I am not doing builders event either). Report will be submitted this weekend or sooner.
  19. I am sorry this is taking much longer than expected, it will be done this week. If I did not believe this report had merit I would have closed it long ago. I have been clear about the reasons for my questions and need for verified documents. What "stance" are you talking about? I accept that, I need to convince the developers of this. Thank you. Apologies for taking so long. It is much longer than I expected, I will endeavor to submit this week, or I will pass it to someone else.
  20. The well published history of the MG 151 is it was not in production and installed in aircraft until 1941. If I was to tell Gaijin the MG 151 was in production in 1937 and was installed in the He 100 in 1938, with 2 memorandum sources (not published primary), do you think they will immediately believe it and put in the He 100? Remember when the MG FF was reported missing? Their reply was (more or less) "our sources and analysis of an He 100 given to Soviets did not have the MG FF, only MG 17." For this report to be considered plausible, the history of the MG 15
  21. That is exactly the point. The task to make 20mm caused a 3~4 year delay in 15mm version.
  22. The context is important, because the request for 20mm caused the 3 year delay. And many will say if it has the MG 151, it should have the 20mm, when there was no 20mm at the time.
  23. I am referring to the MG, not ammo. The 1937 Udet recommendation was for 20mm, and that effectively lead to a major, perhaps complete, redesign of the MG 151, delaying it by 3 years. At the time the MG FF was being studied for use, and was not available and thus not on He 100 proposed equipment list
  24. Pony51

    Plane crash Freeze

    Could you also post CLOG file? Example found here /My Games/WarThunder/_game_logs/2021_04_03_20_49_00__1557.clog
  25. It is listed as serious bug, but not sure when it will be fixed.
  26. Must have CLOG file, screenshots of issue. Read instructions at top of topic.
  27. arrrrgh! Please post a new Launcher log as you did above. Will make report. On last items to try is make new account on your Mac (different name) and install WT in that. That will at least let us know if issue is in User account or System Library (Mac OS has 2 (3?) libraries).
  28. Thanks for the excellent samples! Will add.
  29. Yes, Steam does sometimes cause issue. Except for screen shots and control settings (.blk), you can delete anything Warthunder, aces, yup, and I think yeup.
  30. No, CRP is a way to DE celerate your progress to new vehicles. In the early days players with fat wallets could buy their to top-rank in 15 min. CRP is designed to force rich players to do some grinding to unlock the units.
  31. Yes. When you sell, it will tell you how much you will receive. No other cut taken. When you buy something, there is no sales tax, or VAT, or fee, or anything like that. It is only when you sell is there a fee. They can be for sale long after the earth explodes. Maybe you will be lucky and some alien will buy it.
  32. Could be the Steam that is messing with the launcher Try https://steamcommunity.com/app/236390/discussions/0/135509823662548222/?l=koreana
  33. Issue could be in your Libraries. a Plist of like is what is causing issue. Look for gaijin_selfupdater_(bunch of letters).PLIST. Delete it, try again
  34. Good. Made report I can use a few more samples, post if you see. Thanks
  35. @bigcassssino Please post new CLOG files and screen shot of issue.
  36. I see. Corruption in the file log. You try delete the game and install fresh?
  37. need better explanation of how you find the issue too.
  38. Upper right is that tool icon. Click on it, and then on button "Check Files"
  39. I thought you were going to talk about the tanks in background, one is green, others has lights on it. Please provide more screen shots of issues. Thanks
  40. OK. Report forwarded to Dev's This is archived.
  41. Actually, there is a feature! I apparently missed the memo, but a few months ago the Launcher gained a feature. Top Right of launcher is a Tool icon Click on tool Look for "Diagnostic Files" Click on that. You will still need to write a detailed explanation of what happened and screen shots.
  42. Thanks for update, passed it up. Off hand I guess it is just AMD GPU, as you two are only one reporting it. This report is archived. Any new case, please open new report.
  43. 110 is better. 410 is missing loads/features and FM that is suspect. (or need BR drop)
  44. Bellum omnium contra omnes Destroy 10 enemy vehicles of another type of military branches Air, Ground and Sea "the war of all against all" That a mouthful. Is there any Rank limitation?
  45. What else are the Server Hamsters good for?
  46. 188 is not a fighter no matter how you look at it. No fixed armament, only defensive and not unusual guns for era. 188 has an inferior bombload for German Rank IV as well, 2 x 1,000 kg SC1000L2 bombs + 2 x 250 kg SC250JA bombs + 10 x 50 kg SC50JA bombs (3,000 kg total) 1 x 1,800 kg SC1800B bomb + 1 x 1,000 kg SC1000L2 bomb (2,800 kg total) Any Do 217 can carry 4x 1000kg (600kg TNT). Tu-2 is comparable, with a pair of fixed 20mm ShVAK cannons. For sure the 188 is a very fine bomber in the Ju 88 family (Ju 288 is not from the Ju
  47. Let me say it another way. If US, UK, and USSR had a bomber that was Premium and had the same RP and SL bonus you will see those used just as much, and probably more. Supporting evidence is the Be-6, a large, slow seaplane with a respectable bomb load. Fighter players complained bitterly about its 23mm turrets one-shot-kill ability, but it was still very easy to shoot down. I padded my stats and made much SL and RP off them. Heck, a few years ago even the Japanese B-17 was target of complaints.
  48. The WB for a chest was a very recent change. 2 months ago IIRC. So opening the box gives you a voucher? So a chance of getting GJN back.
  49. honestly got my DC on second try, used Pr 123K. I get close enough to enemy ships/boats often enough, so maybe I should carry DC more. Did Torpedo on first attempt as well. The one challenge that should go is the ATGM/AShM, as that is a Rank VI item Or change it to ANY type of guided items, which we have the Rank 3, FX 1400.
  50. or perhaps BUTTery Stink. Our Pykrete factories are working overtime!
  51. Ash? What burned him up? Wrong assumptions?
  52. Is that one of them new fangled ray beam thingies? How do you fit someone in that tiny turret? Pigmies from Africa?
  53. April fools?!? I will let you know us adopted kiwi's are very serious about our work! After all, being flightless made us masters of less than graceful ground mobility!
  54. NEVAH!! Right on time! Bob's your uncle! When I say rolling, it is really crawling, but no one likes to crawl, so we just roll wit it!
  55. The sekrit new unit coming tomorrow! Many will call it 2 OP, but as always others will simply call it BS. However it rolls, nothings gonna stop it!
  56. I did not mention Gaijin Coin (GJN) because it is a completely separate economy, used in the Market. One can convert GJN to GE. There will never be a way to convert anything except real world money to GJN.
  57. Temporarily correct the render, about 1 minute or exactly 1 minute?
  58. Only because others lack competitive bombers, and a Premium bomber. It is not the Germans are any better, just the way GJ put them in.
  59. 188 has a 20mm top turret and 20mm nose turret. Only 1 limited traverse 13mm. Any wonder why he does so well in 188?
  60. Yes, that ancient mystery of Gaijilla. Long have men sought the answer, only to be dashed by a FAB-5000 or crushed by a mere Maus. Long will the mystery hide in the depths of mysterious hexadecimal incantations.
  61. Is there decals added, or maybe the planes you shoot down have decals? What about an explosion? Happen at same time as crash?
  62. Yes. Officially 5000 and 5100 not supported, but game does seem to barely run on it.
  63. Intel 5000, those are source for a lot of problems... Have you tried manually changing each graphic setting? What other apps are running? (thinking you may have limited memory)
  64. I have seen plenty of players with normal names And in RB you really cannot tell if target is bot or blood until after you sink them.
  65. Oh, as for Arty. Get a 2.3 in RB, and look for the barges (SF 40, AF). They are pretty easy Arty targets.
  66. At some times of day more than half the boats are bots. Usually US Evening when I see this. US morning or afternoon seem OK. (Europe evening, for you)
  67. Interesting. I will try AB for DC. Rarely play AB
  68. Since when? Perhaps you mean more bounce in water? But to try and shoot a faster moving target, yes.
  69. Fast Rank 3 with DC boats to choose from: German S-100 (1944) Soviet Project 123K "Komsomolets" UK Dark Class (FPB 1102) are both fast, .
  70. You want fast. Besides that the previously S-100 (1944), the Soviet Project 123K "Komsomolets", and UK Dark Class (FPB 1102) are both fast, Rank 3, and have DC. Saying the reduced damage model in AB lets you live just long enough to DC target??
  71. Far easier said than useful results, but will ask if something can make it a bit easier to do.
  72. A-26C, not the A-26B (has bomber spawn) Missing loadouts (reported years ago). although still not as heavy as 288 Better MG's (granted lacks a limited ammo tail single 20mm) Now, if the A-26K was modeled, then the speed and load would be comparable.
  73. Would it help to split the current "Battleships" into 2 categories? All the current capital ships are called BB, "Battleships", and (almost?) every one was built before 1919. While heavily armored with sizeable guns, they have little to no AA defenses, slow as Gaijilla, and a phat target. The war wary nations wanted to stop an arms race to the Washington Naval Treaty (also known as the Five-Power Treaty) was signed just after WW1 (and the largely impotent London Naval Treaty later); there was a pause in BB building of about 12 years. When BB buildin
  74. Let me say this again: It is politically IMPOSSIBLE for this unit to exist in the German tree. The Germany that existed when their 262 flew was long gone when the Czechoslovak flew this 262. It is just like the French SNCAC NC. 900, the French built version of Fw-190A-8 (which is in the French tree). Germany also did not have an air force in the few years the CZS flew its 262's So, a CZS 262 cannot go in German tree. Besides, there are German aircraft in the US, Soviet, Japan, Italy, Chinese trees (UK should have at least 1 as well), so p
  75. Out of curiosity, want to ask which of the past N-EC maps you like the best. Which you hate the most. Which 2 or 3 would you want in game Map size you prefer? New open ocean map? Can post why, and you can say what you think will make map better. There have been these maps in N-EC La Manche (aka: English Channel, aka Dover Straight) Saipan + Tinian islands New Guinea coast Malta + Gozo islands Denmark straight (between Denmark and Sweden) List of all the missions and when can be seen here
  76. The way War Thunder BR system works we have WW2 jets facing heat seeking Anit-Air Missiles (AIM-9, etc). Historically this never happened, but in game is does. So I propose an adaption of existing hardware to use as defense against AAM's Basically, if this did happen in real life, the existing device would be adapted as as a crude defensive measure. All Me 262’s have electrical flare dispensers (called Signalgerät AZA-10, thank you for finding it @Chomusuke1) 2 packs of 4 flares each for a total of 8. (Trivia:The Me 262 B-1a/U1 2 seat night fighter has 4 packs of 4 for 16 t
  77. Gold Eagles (GE) is a “virtual” in-game currency acquired by purchasing with popular government backed currency (aka: real money), or gain by various prizes, video submissions (Thunder Show), event awards, and bonus with product purchases. This is link to store listing only the GE purchase rate (check out bundle prices). In contrast Silver Lions (SL) is earned by simply playing the game and other methods, or converted from GE. There are a number of items you can purchase with purchase with GE (if any changes, shout out): Premium vehicles (one of most common reason t
  78. ZiS-43: When You Need a Bigger Bang with its The 61-K 37 mm automatic anti-aircraft cannon , introduced 8 December 2016. Sure to be a terror to anything.
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