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  1. apemax

    hotkeys collisions

    @fidokomik, Right, I tested this myself but so far I can only reproduce this issue with the player list option and the quick messages option, For example Toggle flaps and player list worked fine together. Can you confirm it's only player list and quick message or does it do it for other combinations for you as well?
  2. @samlltank, Right, Could you please give me a example of the settings that are not being saved?
  3. @chmooreck, Yes, Although I do not have a C1:, My keyboard is C2: and other controllers/joysticks are C3:, C4:, etc so that could be why I cannot reproduce the issue, Would it be possible for you to try this with another mouse that doesn't show up as a controller to verify it's the mouse causing this? As a workaround for now you could save your correct config and then load it when those options get reset so you don't have to rebind then every time.
  4. apemax

    hotkeys collisions

    Hello @fidokomik, Does this happen with any key bind or only the quick message key binds?
  5. @pyromaniac1689, Right, Good to hear, Thanks for letting me know. Locked and moved to already reported and solved reports.
  6. @tankwrt, Glad to hear it worked, No problem mate.
  7. Hello @chmooreck, I just tried this myself with both my joystick and controller plugged in and cannot reproduce the issue, Do you save/load your controls config to/from a file? Has this always happened or did it start recently?
  8. @KOOOKABURA, Glad to hear it, No problem at all mate. Locked and moved to already reported and solved issues.
  9. Hello @KOOOKABURA, You are using the open source nouveau drivers which don't really work with War Thunder, You'll want to install the Nvidia proprietary driver, More information and instructions on this can be found here: https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=Configure_NVIDIA_(non-free)_settings_and_load_them_on_Startup You will want to install the version 390 as anything newer doesn't support your GPU. If you need any more help with this please ask.
  10. Hello @tankwrt, There are two Zoom Camera options, one under Ground vehicles > Camera control, And there other under Common > View controls. Which do you have set? If you want the camera to stay zoomed after just clicking the button (Instead of having to hold the button down.) you need to set the Zoom Camera under Common > View controls and have the one under Ground vehicles > Camera control not set to anything.
  11. Hello @Big__Brick, Right, Can you change the resolution through the in game graphical settings?
  12. Hello @Big__Brick, Could you please upload a .clog file from a session in which the issue occurred? One of each Xorg and Wayland ideally.
  13. @HurrDurrImaSheep, Just to confirm, Thats random crashes still only in Sim Air EC?
  14. Hi. i noticed torpedo kills for the Italian decal of the week are not registering if they happen after your plane is dead. I was flying the P108B serie 1

    1. apemax


      Hello @deadeye26601,


      Please submit a bug report in the correct section following the guidelines. :)



  15. Hello @samlltank, So, the language is not staying set to Korean? Or are other settings not straying set?