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  1. >firstly, to increase their value to players and to motivate them to use the items more widely "So you basically we all players become your slave or something to play this game?" ....... Server Storage Space costs $$$, Devs wanted to try and reduce Server Space / Server Load for players by getting players to use them instead of just hording them >secondly, to clear the user interface and player inventory from unnecessary and unused items "You know what? we never thinking having so many unnecessary and unused items are annoying us. Even your War Thunder's UI is meh, those stuff never bothering us in battlefield" It has been cluttering inventory for many players... and some players just never use them, some players may not even want them and so all they do is clutter up the inventory.... I never use them my self...... > thirdly, to decrease the load on the servers that deal with user profiles, since the excessive collecting of unused items leads to a constant increase in required capacity without any benefit or sense. "Ummmm. So your problem about having server not responding sometimes in the game basically come from people who collected items and don't want to use it at all? So guys. The reason why hamster died is funny. Because we collected unused items!" If you read it carefully... " to decrease the load on the servers that deal with user profiles" and server space costs $$$.... If the Devs wanted to try and save or regain server space back and or even reduce server load due to player profiles, then this feature was going to help.... >We are completely revoking the suggested changes and will try to find a new, better solution to suit us all. "Finally good decision, But i can give you better solution. Buy new server!" Again... the Devs wanted to try and save space without buying new hardware, people uninstall programs, or erase files that they do not use any more to ? Guess what ? to save space so that they do not have to buy new Hard Disk Drives or other storage devices... this is pretty much along the same lines... But the Devs underestimated why people were hording them, so they will find another solution.... and some people have already offered up some good ideas, so we will just have to wait and see at a later time
  2. What they mean is that they will have to find another solution to the server storage/server load issue that suits everyones best interest, main thing I think they were trying to say is that they underestimated certain reasons why people were hording them in the first place
  3. Well in "Sum of all Fears" alone... 18 or so Aircraft or Helicopters ^^
  4. Thank you for your response. There is nothing wrong with my internet, when everybody in game is finding the game unplayable (Because everyone is talking about it in ALL chat) and rubber banding for 2min straight, as stated in my post then it is clearly a WT server issue.

    1. Pacifica


      Well, as I said make a Technical report and others maybe able to help you find a solution, and like I also said, if there are technical issues on Gaijins end then there would be announcements

  5. It is best to check with your ISP, and check your ping route and so on... There has been a major increase of internet traffic over the last year or so due to Stay at Home orders and or people working from home and so on... and so data centers tend to be overloaded causing bad traffic for users trying to play games If there are indeed Server issues with War Thunder, then there will be notifications about it, otherwise it would be internet traffic causing issues for you.... So, check with your ISP, and they should be able to help in some way... check your ping route and or make a Technical Report and Staff or other Players can help in some way too
  6. Gaijin knows the Law(s)....... and this topic is not up for discussion....
  7. It may just still be work in progress / unfinished Things like this are best for Bug Reports, but you could also PM Tech Mods and they maybe able to tell you if it is a known issue first
  8. It is the weekend... Admins or Development Staff are not active.... So, just wait for any Announcements on this issue......
  9. You will have to wait for an announcement about it
  10. Have not had a chance to check it out... looking forward to see that! we understand.... it has not been implemented yet, so just keep up to date on announcements
  11. I am a Gaijin Representative..... NOT a Developer... I have no say or leeway on Development, thats up to the players to offer constructive criticism on matters like this... its Forum Staffs Job to help make sure people are heard loud and clear...
  12. Did you read the EULA/TOS that you have signed ? And just a reminder for people in general.... we understand frustrations and concerns, so just keep it civilized! Thanks!
  13. Might be best as a detailed bug report or suggestion
  14. It is often a good idea to make a detailed as possible suggestion... Devs may or may not have details/documents etc... so any documents/data etc... on any tanks/vehicles would be of help just in case That being said, they may or may not have plans for everything that had them fitted added to the game tho
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