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  1. Not so much just a clamp that does that: how that works there is a thin fiberglass or sheet metal shroud that stands off of the tube by a bit: the idea is the sun will bake the shroud, not the tube, so all the deformation will happen there. Even then, most tanks these days (at least in the west) have Muzzle Reference Devices: Every so often you are trained to do a Muzzle Check, and the FCS will go look for the device, and adjust its zero to match between the sight and the device to help account for barrel droop.
  2. If I had to hazard a guess, it would be the angle of the plate - the 88mm at 90 degrees, or the 75mm at 69 degrees. But that is merely a guess.
  3. With the Patch 1.73, we get a new German Top Tier light tank: the Beglietpanzer 57. A relatively fast light tank, and where it lacks armour protection it more than makes up for it with a 57mm Bofors Mk1 cannon and a early generation TOW ATGM. As originally suggested by pieve here it will make for some interesting gameplay. Upsides as I see them: Rapid Fire 57mm gun: as one friend put it, it's half a ZSU-57-2 and we all know how that turned out. Whilst I don't think it will be quite that powerful, having such a gun in your hands should prove to be very useful indeed in dealing with lightly armoured SPAAG's, ATGM Carriers, and other light tanks - while still being a threat if you manage to get on the flank or rear of something larger. TOW Missile: While not as good as you might think pin hearing TOW Missile, the fact that it is the first gen version which isn't as good as the I-TOW or TOW2 that we think of when we hear it thanks to modern TV, it is still a very capable missile. As long as you don't try to go head on with a tanks frontal aspect, this missile will be more than enough to deal with any target on the field. Mobility: Once spaded, this thing is fast and agile from what I saw on Dev: this is one of those tanks that will best be served flanking hard, and putting a major crimp in the other teams plans when it starts showing up where it should be. Downsides as I see them: Armour? What Armour? To say it is light would be something of an understatement. It is very easy to kill by anything larger than a heavy MG. While SPAAG's can be the target of choice for this due to the cannon, you best shoot first, and do damage, because you won't survive the return fire. Reload Rate in Caps: Slow. Very very slow. While you have 4 24 round so called 'clips', the ROF will chew through them fast. And having 6 missiles is nice, on the Dev you can't reload them on the Cap point. Hopefully, that changes. This will get fleshed out as I play it - and as I read about others experiences with it, but I look forward to seeing people bemoan the presence of this on the battlefield.
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