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  1. True, but they also increase the reward for useful actions tremendously. We'll have to see how this balances out.
  2. Maybe not their own session, but separate them from the rest together with all other stand-off capable helis, which would be anything with Hellfires as well, which are able to engage Rolands at the edge of their engagement range too... Basically, I'd propose those brackets: • ATGM <3.75 km / M247 as AD • ATGM <6 km / Stinger as AD • ATGM 6+ km / Roland as AD This would keep the "low BR" helis in a group, "TOW-class" helis in a second group and "top helis" in their own group. I'd especially like to see Stinger-armed AA in the middle range, as those can be defended against using flares, which would add an intersting gameplay element that is completely absent atm, even though IRL it would be the norm.
  3. Is it really the cam shifting left or are you maybe accidentally rotating the helicopter? Happnes to me from time to time, and some helis are more susceptible to minor rudder inputs than others (IIRC I use to have more issues with that with the Ka-50 - maybe because of its lack of tail rotor...)
  4. Report such cases using the Server Replay functionality please. = )
  5. That may work for aircraft with a modern(ish) HUD. For something old like the F-84F, you don't have this option. = /
  6. Hi folks! I got a Oculus Quest 2 for my son recently, also admittedly with the hope to use it from time to time myself for War Thunder. I then actually pretty quickly and uncomplicatedly managed to set it up using Air Link, and the first steps into VR-WT were amazing: The feeling e.g of flying (especially helis) or sitting in a tank's commander's hatch is just so immersive! I love it most with helicopters with big "bubbly" side-by side cockpits, like Alouette II and III: Helis are tricky to fly (especially to land) on a traditional 2D monitor, but in VR flying and landing the helis is not only a joy but much much easier as well! I can now after just maybe two dozen landings or so land perfectly aligned smack centered on the helipads, and softly too, whereas with the monitor I'd only manage to hit the general area of the helipad (with "hit" being the operative word here, haha!). Using the OQ2 however changes gameplay quite drastically, surprisingly, and I did notice a lot of "graphics stuttering" (3D elements of cockpit and vehicle flickering/getting distorted and text/hud elements getting distorted). This seemed to get worse over time and after maybe 10, 15 minutes is very noticeable. So part of the 3D cockpit for example would be perfectly still and sharp, and a cockpit frame to the side toud flicker forward and backward constantly. Or in a tank incommander's view, the tip of the barrel jumps back and forth constantly... Also, the image itself seems relatively low resolution, making it hard to for example spot any targets which on a monitor would be easy to see. This is evident especially when looking e.g. at vegetation, or text displayed (e.g. player names), which are barely readabyle. Especially this comes as a surprise as the resolution of the two screens of the headset (2x 1832x1920) are not soooo far off my monitor's FullHD 1920x1080 resolution. So it feels amazing to fly / drive, but fighting using the OC2 is very difficult and tiring... I then wondered whether it was my Air Link via WLAN which acted as bottleneck for the headsets performance, and purchased a USB 3 cable especially for the OC2, but this actually didn't change the situation a single bit. Now, to be frank, my PC is pretty old, but graphics normally are very ok and smooth, even at high settings, but still, maybe it's the PC itself which is too hindering? Is what I'm experiencing the best I can expect from usong Oculus Quest 2 in War Thunder currently, or are there tweaks I can try out? Or is really my hardware not up to it? Any input would be highly appreciated!
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