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  1. Yeah, well it will be something easy, teh AV-8 actually being the vehicle he'd like to use right now, so there's not much needed, haha! A complex aircraft like Tomcat of course he would struggle with anyway with a console setup, I assume...
  2. Hi folks! I have been playing a lot of Sim Air EC lately, and made the mistake of telling my son (who plays WT on PS4) how cool it was - only to get him excited to try this out as well! As you can imagine however, standard PS4 controls don't work in sim, so now I got to figure out how to set up his PS4 controller so he can fly as well... Are there any good setup tips around here? Don't think we're the first trying this, as I often see Players with the console-icon infront of their names in Air Sim battles... Thanks in advance for any hints and tips, Schindibee
  3. Information like this is only available if something is officially declared or released (e.g. in form of a change log). Noone from Dev or Tech Mods teams will ever tell us something like this.
  4. Well, I for myself enjoy flying in a ground attack role, and that's what I do in Sim EC. That's what I enjoy, and frankly speaking, I'm also not a good dogfighter, and therefore usually tend to avoid getting into a situation where I need to battle it out with other aircraft. And Sim is basically the only game mode that allows this! In AB and RB, mission targets are all located under that one massive furball where everybody goes against everybody - that's not what bombers like. Select a target, chose a good route to this target, fly there, complete the mission, try to survive and head home. Also, where I am currently at in the aicraft trees I'm at the lower end of the topmost Sim bracket, so I'm really at the bottom of the foodchain if it comes to A2A. My playstile may change once I got the suitable aircraft in my hangar. Do I feel bad about stealthily go to bomb mission targets? No. It's a valid playstyle, and tactically/strategically also not unreasonable. Bombers pound ground targets, fighters protect ground targets (and bombers) or engage bombers. There's room for all of us.
  5. All what you describe would not be solved by heli PvE, but it would add getting sniped by Kamov's from far far away as additional grievance...
  6. Used the "guide on me" a lot yesterday, along with others, and looks like this really is more or less established as standard. Very good! Standard procedure for me was to drop a "guide on me" whenever I had visuals on someone. Aparently worked well as I never got TK'ed once yesterday...
  7. Hi there! Yesterday I played a great match in my Milan, with good rewards - I was surprised how much RP that mode gives! Well, great match apart from the fact that I was victim to accidental teamkills twice, with only one kill to an enemy player and one to Flak and bad maneuvering. Now both BLue-on-Blue cases were aircraft with IFF (an F-14 and a Mirage 2000), and they were pretty clear situations, with no other aircraft or enemies around. In the case of the Mirage, the player even first zoomed past me so close that not only the blue player name could be seen, but also the aircraft type could be easily identified visually, yet he turned behind me and shot me down... Which makes me think as new Sim EC player: What is the best practice to anounce yourself as friendly in this game mode? Will for example pinging the map at one's location be understood as "Attention, this contact here is me, a friendly!"? Or better a radio command? "Cover me!" for example? And inversely, how does one ask for a contact's (aond potentially friendly) ID?
  8. Well, I was talking about the Buccaneer S.1, so no countermeasures and relatively limited bombload. And hell yeah, is that bird expensive to operate! But then most things are in Sim EC... Yesterday I played a nice match with the Milan (apart from the fact that I was TK'ed once by a Tomcat and once by a Mirage 2000 - guys, don't you have IFF's?!?), bombing a few bases and gaining over 200k SL and almost 100k RP. The Milan is also cheap to operate in Sim EC, unlike basically everything I like to fly... What I found especially annoying in regard to CCRP is the fact that a recent patch introduced a 1 second delay between firing weapons of different types, and yes, this includes bombs! So now even with the command "drop all bombs", it stricly drops first the first type of bombs, then after a second the second type - which is of course very bad for CCRP. Meaning with the MILAN I can't now use the optimal mixed loadout,with 250 kgand 400 kg bombs, but at best can use the loadout with the 5 Mk.83's, which means a 10% smaller bombload...
  9. Yes I saw the dot in the Bucc's HUD - at least during my first run. Then, after crashing my plane (yes, those flaps went down too early...) and trying the second run, the dot didn't show, even with CCRP selected and sight switched to auto bomb, even when cycling through all targets, and well aligned with the target I was going for...
  10. No, it maneuvers well, but tailwheels seems just very fragile. I'm also flying in VR, so 3rd person view is fixed, so cant for example look from the side how one is positioned, and the 3D cocpkit of the Rooivalk is quite high and visibility not very good (compared e.g to Apaches), especially to the front...
  11. That. Indeed they're copied from aircraft, which is a tad strange, seeing that all other commands (including stuff that make little sense, like airbrakes and flaps) have their own commands also for helis specifically... But thanks for the heads up! Brakes now work for me - but the Rooivalk still is the most unforgiving heli to land, at least as far as my experiences go. Never managed to land it on a capture pad yet without ripping the tailwheel off. No other helis so far have shown this behaviour for me...
  12. Hi folks! Do SAM's in sim air battles have the same preformance characteristics as their counterparts in ground battles (e.g. Roland), specifically do they have the same max. altitude / ceiling which they can reach? And on the other end of the altitude scale, any limits as to how low they can engage us? Still trying to figure out how best to deal with the SAM threat around airbases and mission targets...
  13. Hi folks! I have started to play sim air battles in high tier, because the small-area battles of air RB just is not something I enjoy too much. I'm a dedicated mud-mover, and enjoy to bomb targets. However, in Sim Battles one does not know which mission bombing target is selected, except with some aircraft that have a sight mode for automatic bomb drop (CCRP). But even then, this seems to be erratic: Worked fine during a first Buccaneer sortie yesterday, but after the first death, the selected target was not indicated in the HUD anymore, even though I cycled through all available mission bomb targets repeatedly, and was well aligned witht he target. So, is there another way to know which mission target is selected, or "is it known" which target of any map corresponds to which mission target number? Do those numbers change with destruction and respawning of mission targets?
  14. What I also have come to dislike - or better, find should be improved - is the size of the capture heli pads. Now I like them in general, they're fun to land at and capture, but they're really a tad too small: I fly the Rooivalk now, and that heli really barely fits onto the pad, with either the tail wheel or one of the main wheels prone to roll off the pad. Also, why not make it flat on the ground liek everything else? can still keep the capture zone small enough to ensure people must land precicely. OR at least give heli's also wheel brakes, so one can actually stay in place when on the ground. And it also doesn't help that some helicopters even with collective completely at zero, still slightly fly and float around, so one constantly hast to correct this movement even when SITTING on the ground! Yeah, players can be like that. Very annyong. As mentioned, I now have the Rooivalk and it's great for stand-off work. I like it even better than the Ka-50, actually! And, when I use it, I allways take care to forst kill SPAA's of enemy formations, especially when others are around, exactly to give them the possibility to approach and get in their own kills. But others just don't care if other helis are around and what they're doing. Overall, matches tend to be overpopulated since Drone patch: The mode is most fun with 4, max. 6 players. This allows enough to do for everybody, also less capable and stock helis. But with 8 and more players, everybody is fighting for scraps and that doesn't bring out the best in us, eh?
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