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Ground Forces Questions - Revisited

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Will there be any difference in the progress tree arrangement between different tabs (aviation and ground forces)? For example, Italian line of the fighters and the bombers located in the German tree at the moment.

Differences between the tabs will only reflect the vehicles available, the overall layout should remain the same, design changes of course may happen along the way but It has already been stated  that Italy could be made into additional nation, meaning that with enough aircrafts they (and any other nation) will be able to be separated.

Will we be able to see damage on the tank before its destruction (holes, hollows, destroyed add ons etc)?

Damage from the shells will most definitely will be shown in the future (holes and effect from high-explosive damage, for example). destroyed or blown off parts of the vehicles is already implemented in the game.

Will there be any night battles?

Not right now, but we find that this is an interesting concept and we will definitely be testing it.

How many ground vehicles do you plan to include in the Open Beta launch?

Check our release trees. While they are not final, they will show the overall plan in the direction of the game.

Are there any plans to increase tank map size?

Right now, tank battles are re-created in the existing War Thunder maps that are available for air combat that have areas practical for ground combat. Our initial testing shows that making any tank battle zone more than sixteen square kilometers (4x4) is not a good idea game play wise, since players cannot get into key areas quickly enough and the battle turns into a series of non-linked mini skirmishes all around the combat zone.

Will you keep 16x16 battles that will include tanks, anti air vehicles, aircraft and, in the future, ships, or will you increase it to 32x32 and more?

It will remain 16x16 for now. Technically 32x32 is not a problem and even makes it easier for the server, but player personal impact in the battle will be lessened currently if the teams are too big. If the matchmaker correctly balances the teams, team size increase may be a possibility for random battles.

Will you improve the system of alerts for the players (specific reports from the crew about their actions, about module condition, etc)?

Yes, we are continuing our work on vocalization of the crew, they will inform you if anything was damaged or destroyed and perhaps other types of the alerts will be included too.

Will there be any change in the properties of the armour after the impact, for example, will it be less resistant, will it dent or will it lose part of its structure?

There are no plans for denting the armor. Armour may be destroyed by multiple hits after which it won't be counted in the damage model (but it is more likely that the tank will be destroyed way before any armour plate will be destroyed).

Does armour in game have historical characteristics, will it mean that armor of the “King Tiger” will be lesser in quality than armour on the original “Tiger”?

At the moment all armour has the same material, which is rolled homogeneous armor (RHA). The system will be improved in the future.

Will we be able to leave the tank battle area? In one of the interviews it was stated that it will be possible and players will be advised to return back to the battle area, but at the moment if you attempt to leave the area you will get a 15 second countdown to return and If you do not do so in time – your tank will self destruct.

After some tests we decided to implement current system with destruction of the players tank for desertion. Players that leave the battle zone, can't help their team and they are less valuable than killed players since the rest of the team still counts on them.

Why are tanks covered in a rust? I doubt that they were deployed from the factory in this condition.

For the most part tanks are not covered in rust, but in dirt (take a closer look), but tanks do get acquire a lot of rust during their service. Premium users will have a possibility to customize the appearance of the tanks. You can read about it in more detail in our customization developer diary. (http://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/90543-developers-diaries-ground-forces-visual-customization/)

What mechanic is in place to make enemy tanks visible to planes? There is no additional button to highlight the tank so how can I do that?

Friendly ground forces are those who perform the scouting of the enemy vehicles. Enemy vehicles that your allies select as a target are visible for you too.

I hope that you cannot destroy the tank by ramming it?

Why would you hope that? Tank ramming is a brutally powerful weapon – collision of two 30 ton vehicles may lead to serious damage to its technical parts and to the crew.

Vyacheslav (BVV_d) stated on the stream that there will be crews visible in open vehicles. Question – will we be able to disable it?

We will think about it. It has not been decided yet.

What do developers think about actual firing range for arcade/rb/sb? That question could give us an understanding of the planned map sizes.

Historical distances which were commonly used for the battle. There are no limits, but even with the ability to shoot at a 2km distance (“Tiger” weapon) battles at those distances were rare. Most battles happened within eye-sight distance which is around one km. Our experiments show the same – fights at distances that are more than two kilometers are not effective and there is not much point in them.

Will you re-do the interface and the mini-map?

The Interface is not final and will be worked on.

Will there be visualization of detachable equipment? Currently there is no visualization of the “additional plating” on the tank.

Of course! We plan to give you ability to attach additional shielding that can be blown off or destroyed, and detachable equipment that has an effect on the defense of a vehicle – angle change of the shell hitting the main armor.


How many waves are you planning for the CBT (third one is soon)?

We are releasing one more wave – the third one, which is planned to happen in February.

Can we destroy big trees by ramming them with a heavy vehicle or by shooting at them. And can we destroy fallen trees that are abundant on the map?

Yes, of course you will be able to.

Will the weather influence not only visualization, but also the vehicle handling (sliding on dirt while raining)?

We have this in plan but cannot give any ETA.

Will we be able to repair interior modules on ground vehicles?

It is likely we will make repair on the base point only. We are still discussing this option.

Will we be able to change the shell in the barrel without shooting it out?

At the moment you will have to shoot it out, as it was in real life. We don't plan to change that at the moment.

Any information about physical barrels in the different game modes?

It will be more clear after some more experimenting and battle checks.

Are there any plans about destructible buildings, like driving through a house or blowing a barn up with a shot?

Yes, most definitely that will be possible!

Will shells be able to penetrate through trees/fences/houses?

If its not a high-explosive shell (which will detonate right away when it will hit hard enough target) and it also retains enough energy to continue the flight.

What are machine guns used for?

Machine gun fire used mostly for destruction of the light-armored targets and gun crews of the AA/Artillery. Coaxial machine gun can be used to adjust the fire of the main canon or even like the target marking for the allies (tracer bullets). You also can improvise – heavy fire at the enemy tank can make it difficult for the enemy to aim at you :)

Will turret machine guns fire at the enemy planes (much like gunners of the planes)?

Most likely will, but with the possibility to turn their activity off so they won't give away your position.

Will there be any anti air semi track armoured vehicles? Those anti air vehicles were more common that anti air on the tank tracks.

Of course there will be those. Very soon you will see first Soviet ones.

Will there be any city battles?

How could we not have city maps? Planned.

Will weapon stabilizers work on the vehicles that had them?

Equipment that was used on historical prototypes will be implemented on the vehicles in the game. We have it in our plans.

When will World War mode start?

After the game release, most likely.

Will you implement damage with torn off rollers or completely removed track?

Torn off rollers – most likely yes. Completely removed track is not in the nearest plans.

Interested in the voice information about situation around us, like: “Three O’clock – enemy tank spotted! Distance – two hundred meters!”.

You are the commander of the tank and your task is to locate enemy tanks.

Will there be any difference in the armour tolerance between cast and rolled armour?

Yes, of course it will. At this moment of the beta testing – all armour is counted as one type.


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