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I need YOUR Edits for this future suggestion for Artillery

Do you like this idea?  

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  1. 1. Would you support this system over the one currently in the CBT.

    • Yes, I prefer it. (Explain why below please)
    • No, I prefer the current system. (Explain why below please)
    • I have a different idea than the current system or this. (Comment below please)
    • I would like the WoT way.
  2. 2. Should Ground Forces have played-controlled Artillery (Player Driven)

    • Yes, I would like them.
    • No, no arty at all, bombs are enough.
    • Just player-called-in like in the CBT.

What I think should happen is that tanks can relay coordinates to friendly battleships then the battleships can select the square which the coordinates are set, then the cannons batteries start firing there for a short time. This artillery can be cancelled at any time by the ship for firing for self defense against other ships. While the batteries are firing you could control the AA guns. I guess kinda like Shogun II Fall of the Samurai.


There would be a cooldown time on each square to ensure no spammywhammy and you have fire close from the shore. I guess there could be a UAV view for this (arcade only) but would still be inaccurate as selecting a square.


I like this because battleships can't camp as much as a mobile AAA for example can, and the battleships are vulnerable to other ships/dive bombers which promotes NOT camping.


Ta daaaa Navy Artillery


Naval bombardment > camping WoT style artillery scumbag window licking morons.

Plus, it's more player involved then your AI artillery call ins


Oh and the ships can't actually see a tank nametag like how planes can't see tank nametags in CBT




Only with tanks not Imperial Japanese Line Infantry lol.

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My solution to the arty is simple. When you call in artillery, keep the view and camera mechanic the same but any enemy tank you cant actually see (and  not spotted by your team) from your tank should not show up in the artillery view.


Here is a simple example. Lets say you are scouting next to a hill and want to call in arty. You wouldn't be able to see the tank on the other side of the hill unless this happens


A. Either go around or on top of the hill and can see him from your tank.

B. The enemy tank is spotted

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^This.  Or if not with planes, with you tank, it pulls up a grid map, call in the grid location.  And that can only be done once per tank.


I've been saying this for ages, does anybody ever listen? Not to me... :dntknw:

medal medal

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