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Reaper Two-Six 26th TFW

Hello everyone,

I am here to represent the Reaper Two-Six tactical fighter wing. An online community for Xbox360 and PS3 flight games, which is now expanding to PC as well. With over a 100 members, organized flight times, fun and skill. We are looking for recruits for our new PC Squadron called: VF-96 Storm Reapers. Currently our target games are HAWX and HAWX2, but we will definitely expand to War Thunder as soon as it is released. Our community has been standing strong for more than 2 years and things are still running smooth.

We fly in the virtual skies of the PSN, XBL and PC networks. We fly online coop, TDM and training missions on a weekly basis. Apart from flying, we like to exchange thoughts and experience about flying, anything aerospace or life in general.

Here at Reaper Two-Six, we pride ourselves to be aircraft enthusiasts. Some of us are real world pilots, others are/have been closely involved within the aerospace industry. Our drive is fun and share companionship. But when challenged by other groups, we show them that we are a force to be reckoned with.

So if you are interested in joining a Squadron that has consistent flight times, experienced pilots and a lot of fun, you will feel right at home with Reaper Two-Six.

Please visit us at http://www.reapertwosix.com


Our Squadron motto: Per puram tonantes (Thundering through the clear air)

Squadron History:

As storms rage over the sea and land, a lonely squadron emerges from the clouds. Our only goal is to defend the skies of Europe and make sure that war does not prevail over this densely populated continent. Our pilots are the most skilled among us all, never willing to give up and always on alert. Our actions are harsh, sometimes violent, never malicious and always real.

Flying is a way of life we all share. It brings us together, it helps us understand and it breaks the walls of our differences, uniting us as one.

Our name, VF-96, is in honor of the USN VF-96 "Fighting Falcons” and their respective aces, Steve Ritchie (5 confirmed Mig-21 kills) and Randall "Convicted Felon" Cunningham (1 Mig-21 and 4 Mig-17 confirmed kills). Their admirable piloting skills and raw determination are represented in the hearts of each member of the VF-96.

Do you have the ability and courage to join VF-96 on their ultimate goal to keep the skies of Europe safe? Only time will tell…


Squadron leader

VF-96 Storm Reapers

Reaper Two-Six

26th TFW


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