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Update 26.12.2013 (

- Correct allocation of bots in JiP (“join in progress”). Previously, one of the teams could not have any bots;

- Fixed tactical map in browser;

- More precise calculation of characteristics for modifications;

- Render optimization;

- Video-memory optimization and correct processing of errors when not enough video-memory. Now the game tries to work as long as possible even if video-memory is running low;

- Debriefing screen stays even after lost connection with the battle server;

- Several interface bugs fixed;

- Several crashes fixed.


Flight models improved:


  • Ar-2
  • B-17E
  • Ki-84 ko
  • Ki-84 hei
  • Ki-84 otsu
  • SB-2M-100
  • SB-2M-103
  • SB-2M-103U MV-3
  • SB-2M-105
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