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Future development of FRB


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Hello everyone!

We are currently working on the introduction of server-side 'Custom battles', however because of that, we would like discuss with you some possible ways.

This is primarily aimed at those who play in FRB only. How would you like it if we replaced FRB with the option to create dedicated servers (like for rent) with any difficulty settings, plane-sets and a join-in-progress feature. Or would you prefer to stick with the 'Events' system as an option to play with predefined plane-sets but keep FRB in the modified version of 'Axis Vs Allies' game-play, (i.e. mixed mode), where German and Japanese combined forces will be fighting with all Allies.

In this mode (in dedicated servers operated by users), reward rates on the dedicated servers would be noticeably lower or on a different basis in order to avoid stat-padding in fixed fights and they would have their own leader-boards, if we kept it for this mode.

You can cast your vote and discuss it here

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