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Update 1.35 - Preliminary patchnotes


Attention! 'US Premium Spitfire Mk IX will no longer be available for purchase'
 Text display of crew lock is fixed after the end of the battle (when crew lock is on)
 Rare crash issue when launching game from steam client is fixed.
 Corsair's and other planes' engine start, feathering of the prop should not cause bugs anymore
 Mission editor crash fixed
 In FRB, before the plane starts movement there is external cam view (so you may look around the airfield)
 2 new locations added for AB
 Considerably more stable aircraft performance when having packet loss (lots of improvements of network code, test carefully)
 In FRB there is a tip “Push Y to reload” (so that people don't forget to do it)
 Mouse Aim is centered by aircraft  in case of keyword control of the plane in cam view mode
 Chat connect is faster in some cases
 Aircraft Icons are hidden in HB and FRB (experienced players could define the plane even by that icon before the start of the battle)
 Skin preview added
 Transitions from modification window to other windows added
​New Aircraft
Germany :
- Fw-190A-5 ( 4х cannons ) - tier 10
- La-5 37 series - tier 7
- La-5 39 series - tier 8
- B-25J-30 - premium -  tier 9
- MiG-15 NS-23 - tier 20
- North American F-86-F25 Sabre - tier 20
- North American F-86-F2 Sabre -  tier 20
- Curtiss P-36G Hawk -  tier 4
- Fw-190A-5/U3 replaced with Fw-190A-5 ( 4х cannons)
- Spitfire Mk.IIa - tier 5
- Spitfire F. Mk IX (Merlin 61 engine) - tier 10
- P-40E moved to tier 5
- P-39N and P-39Q-5 moved from tier 6 to tier 7
- P-47D-25 and P-47D-28 moved from tier 9 to tier 8
- Fw-190A-5/U3 moved to tier 11
- Spitfire LF. Mk IX (with Merlin 66 engine) is moved to tier 13
Modifications and armament
- Yak-3P modification added (improved 2х20мм cannons B-20S and 1x20мм cannon B-20М)
- Torpedo АN-45-36 added for IL-4.
- Choice and upgrade of shell racks is changed for the planes with 4 shell rack options ( early variants of Pе-2, and Pе-3/Pе-3bis)
- Ammo capacity of the rear gunner on the IL-2M is fixed - changed from 1000 to 450 ammo.
-  Spitfire mk.9 FM updated (tuned according to Spitfire mk.9 with Merlin 66)
Graphics and look
- Textures and geometry of Yak-3, Fw-190 A and F variants improved
-  P-36A Rasmussen's Camo fixed
- List of bomb load options on all aircraft are sorted from low to high load
* all known bugs for [alt history] Krymsk Summer 1943 fixed

all known bugs for [ground strike] Port fixed.
        Ground units speed increased
        some light pillboxes of the defending party are changed
        one ship added for each party
        some of attacking ground vehicles are AAA units now
Mission [Аlt history] Berlin spring 1943

        some known bugs fixed
        attacking ground  AAA units added
        Amount of Ground units for defending party is increased
        Defending party now has airfield in the center of Berlin available that can be used for repair and reload

*  [Ground Strike] Iwo Jima

        Landing speed of ground units  is increased
        Kamikaze now attack cargo ships as well
        Landing boats are spawned from several ships not one
        Several bugs fixed
*  [Ground Strike] Rice terraces, [Domination] Mozdok, [Ground Strike] Cliffed coast have had several minor changes to improve balance.
current notes are not final and may be changed

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