Please READ this before posting!

If you cannot find your thread, please check here. We move all answered questions after some time. If you still cannot find it, go to your profile and click on [Topics] on left side, you should find it there without problems.


Please do not be upset, we cannot answer all your questions - for some we do not know the answers, for some we cannot answer due to NDA.




Most of the questions were most probably already answered and posted in Q&A compilation here.


If you cannot find your thread anywhere it means that most probably your question was asked in not proper way - try again in kinder way :)




And some universal answers for your questions:


When you will add MiG-29 - No plans for now, sorry.

I found a BUG...  - Please submit it in a BUG Section

I wish to suggest (new plane/new mode/map/feature)... - Please submit this in a Suggestion Section

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